Regional Projects and Agriculture

Organizations focused on local and/or agricultural environmental issues.

Organization Location Summary of Activity
Agriculture Christian Fellowship United Kingdom Their aim is to be aware of issues raised by agriculture and address them from a biblical perspective. Groups of agriculturally minded people join in fellowship.
ASSETS Kenya Meets the economic and social needs of the local community through secondary school scholarships; promotes conservation of two of Africa's most important ecosystems. An Initiative of A Rocha.
Christian Farmers of Ontario Ontario, Canada Uses entrepreneurial and co-operative agriculture to safeguard foodland resources, develop appropriate technology and protect the quality and diversity of life.
Michigan Catholic Rural Life Coalition Michigan, United States Focuses on environmental issues and landuse/urban sprawl, provides agricultural support through researching public policies, providing education, assisting the Church as an advocate and establishing networks.
Shared Earth Trust United Kingdom The trust has been pioneering the restoration of wildlife habitat to farmland since 1987. 

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