Social Justice and Development Organizations

International development and social justice organizations that also address environmental issues.

Organization Location Summary of Activity
Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty United States Promotes individual liberty sustained by religious principles. Holds conferences, seminars, lectures, and provides publications and public policy opinions.
Arthur Rank Centre United Kingdom A partnership with churches, the Royal Agricultural Society of England and the Rank Foundation. Focus is on the Christian concern for the well-being of rural people.
Caritas Internationalis Vatican City Confederation Catholic relief, development and social service organisations working internationally to build a better world, especially for the poor and oppressed.
Christian Reformed World Relief Committee Ontario, Canada; Michigan, United States A relief, development and educational ministry working internationally for justice; supported by the Christian Reformed Church in North America.
Development and Peace Ontario and Quebec, Canada Involved in issues of peace-building, human rights, agrarian reform, education, community development and economic justice in Third World countries. Official international development agency of the Canadian Catholic Church.
ECHO Florida, United States Uses science and technology to help the poor by supplying ideas, information, training and seeds to those working in agriculture and development overseas.
Environmental Issues Network Britain and Ireland Network for Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, focus is mainly on church relations, social development and justice issues.
Floresta Haiti, Mexico, Dominican Republic. Strives to reverse deforestation and poverty in the world by transforming the lives of the rural poor by providing loans to establish systems of agroforestry
Healthy Families, Healthy Environment United States Seeks to help protect families in the USA and worldwide from environmental health threats.
World Council of Churches Ecumenical Earth Programe International Believes the challenge of globalization should become a central emphasis and encourages alternative ways towards visible unity in diversity, faith and solidarity.

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