United States CENGOs

CENGOs based out of the US.

Organization Summary of Activity
A Religious Campaign for Forest Conservation A coalition of churches, synagogues and para-religious organizations who are joined by a common concern for forest conservation as a religious issue.
Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty Promotes individual liberty sustained by religious principles. Holds conferences, seminars, lectures and provides publications and public policy opinions.
Alternatives for Simple Living Equips people of faith to challenge consumerism, live justly and celebrate responsibly. Supports campaigns, workshops and provides resources.
American Scientific Association Committed to integrity in the practice of science. Holds conferences, provides papers regarding Christian responsibility in science.
Au Sable Institute Promotes environmental stewardship in actions and knowledge through academic programs, community education, retreats and conferences.
California Interfaith Power and Light Promotes energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy, thereby safeguarding public health and ensuring sufficient, sustainable energy for all.
Catholic Conservation Center Promotes ecology, environmental justice, and stewardship of Creation in light of Scripture and Roman Catholic Tradition.
Center of Creation Through research, analysis, networking, public education and advocacy, works for a more just, sustainable development for all, especially for those in poverty. Produces books, articles and other resources.
Christian Environmental Network Educates pastors, teachers, and others of the ecological crisis and promotes theologic and ethical reflection. Issues around agriculture, water and human health are of special interest.
Christian Reformed World Relief Committee A relief, development and educational ministry working internationally for justice; supported by the Christian Reformed Church in North America.
Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life Promotes environmental education, scholarship, advocacy and action in the American Jewish community. Links to other Jewish organizations.
EarthCare Encourages participation in projects by distributing resource materials, maintaining a speaker bureau and helping churches with creation care ministries.
Earthlight Magazine Semi-annual magazine about spirituality and ecology.
ECHO Uses science and technology to help the poor by supplying ideas, information, training and seeds to those working in agriculture and development overseas.
Eco-Justice Ministries Helps churches care for creation, and develop ministries that are faithful, relevant and effective in working toward social justice and environmental sustainability.
Episcopal Diocese of Minnesota Environmental Stewardship Commission They provide a forum for reflection and discussion on readings regarding Christ, humans and the environment.
Episcopal Ecological Network This nationwide network focuses on reflection, action and education in advocating the protection the environment and preservation of the sanctity of Creation.
Evangelical Environmental Network Runs campaigns to promote environmental stewardship, provides resources for individuals and churches. Produced An Evangelical Declaration on the Care of Creation.
Friends Energy Project Deals with energy and environmental concerns through providing discussion, links and information
Fund for Christian Ecology Facilitates discussion related to God's creation, humanity's role within it and the Earth's current environmental crisis. Publishes the Journal of Christian Ecology.
Georgia Interfaith Power and Light Promotes energy conservation and efficiency, renewable energy and related sustainable practices through the Green Energy Purchase Program and Energy Efficiency Program
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Lists of articles and publications on Greek Orthodox views of the environment
Healthy Families, Healthy Environment Seeks to help protect families in the USA and worldwide from environmental health threats.
Interfaith Climate Change Network Takes action on public policy and addressing global climate change and pursues justice for the poor around the world.
Interfaith Council for Environmental Stewardship A network of people to provide theological, scientific and economic perspectives on various issues and support for stewardship.
Interfaith Power and Light Works with religious organizations to encourage environmental stewardship through energy conservation, faith-based education and renewable power purchasing.
Maine Interfaith Power and Light Seeks to preserve God's Creation through encouraging the purchase of 'green power'. A licensed aggregator that serves Maine electricity consumers.
Marianist Environmental Education Center Focuses on ecological restoration, service learning and educational programming. They seek to develop partnerships in education, restoration, justice and spirituality.
Massachusetts Interfaith Power and Light Seeks to offer means of reducing energy consumption, lowering operationg costs and promoting renewable energy sources to congregations of all religious traditions.
Michigan Catholic Rural Life Coalition Coalition Focuses on environmental issues and landuse/urban sprawl, provides agricultural support through researching public policies, providing education, assisting the Church as an advocate and establishing networks.
National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Working Group Provides an opportunity for churches to work together in restoring God's Creation through program ideas and resources for engagement in environmental justices.
North American Coalition for Christianity and Ecology Teaches reverence for God's creation, co-operates with other organizations and promotes study of ecological issues in the context of biblical theology and contemporary science.
Partners for Environmental Quality Seeks to educate, advocate and mobilize the New Jersey faith community on behlf of environmental stewardship and justice.
Quaker Earthcare Witness Seeks to intergrate concern for the environment with simplicity, peace and equality and to prevent further irreversible damage.
Religious Campaign for Forest Preservation A coalition of churches, synagogues and parareligious organizations who are joined by a common concern for forest conservation as a religious issue.
Religious Witness for the Earth Sees climate change and environmenatal devastation as issues of justice. Invokes the selfless courage and moral authority of the civil rights movement through prayer, education, and nonviolent action.
Restoring Eden "Speak[s] out for those who cannot speak for themselves" (Proverbs 31:8) as advocates for natural habitats, wild species and indigenous cultures.
St. Joan of Arc Stewardship Committee The St. Joan of Arc Eco-Spirituality Committee plans programs to help us connect our spirituality and sense of justice with the earth, its systems and its creatures.
Target Earth Individuals, churches, college fellowships and Christian ministries motivated by the biblical call to be stewards of creation and to love our neighbours as ourselves.
Tennessee Interfaith Power and Light Seeks to involve communities in promoting and implementing energy conservation, energy effiency, renewable energy and related sustainable practices.
The Regeneration Project Goals are aimed at helping people of faith recognize their responsibility for stewardship of God's creation. The focus is on energy use and climate change.
Web Of Creation Works to provide on-line environmental resources for faith-based communities. We believe religion is a crucial factor in issues of ecology and justice.

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