Course Registration 101

Important dates

  • April 1: Course registration opens for new students (after the tuition deposit has been paid)
  • June 15: Course registration deadline to be admissible to receive King's scholarships and awards
  • August 29-30, 2020: Course registration deadline for Fall semester.
  • January 6, 2020: Course registration deadline for Winter semester.

Mandatory first-year courses

As you begin building your course schedule, it is important to know there are required first-year courses common in all programs.

  • ENGL 214 and ENGL 215
  • 12 credits of Foundation Courses
    • Six credits will consist of ENGL 214 and ENGL 215
    • Six credits of the following:
      • HIST 202
      • HIST 204
      • PHIL 230
      • THEO 250
      • THEO 310 (prerequisite: THEO 250)

*Note: Most courses are three credits each. See King’s online Course Descriptions for more details.

Program-specific first-year courses

Each program has specific first-year courses. These are important, as many courses are prerequisites for second year courses. Starting in late March and after you have paid your tuition deposit, you will receive a “King's Registration Information” email that contains your program's first-year course list.

Additional program resources


Scheduling tips

  • It is easier to schedule courses with the fewest sections first. Some courses only have a one-time offering, while others might have several.
    • Note: Courses with multiple sections have the same course content but are taught by different professors at different times.
  • Schedule ENGL 214 and ENGL 215 courses last, as they have the greatest number of sections.
  • Many courses (e.g. Science, Math, Business, etc.) will have a lab in addition to the class. Pencil in all lab options and select the lab time with the best fit once all other courses have been scheduled.

Registering online

You can register for your courses online through your Online Services.

*Note: You will be prompted to read and agree to the 'Student Contractual Obligations' before you can register in courses.

Need help?

We understand that course selection can be difficult and confusing. Our Admissions Counsellors are available to assist you by phone, email or in person (by appointment).