The King's University in Edmonton, Alberta

Fast Facts About King's


1979 as The King’s College
1993 as The King’s University College
2015 as The King’s University

Student Population

942 with a 15:1 student/faculty ratio

Average Class Size


Student Financial Support Available Each Year


Research and Scholarship

160+ academic submissions in 2022–2023


Number of Alumni


Alumni Employed Within Two Years of Graduation


Number of Academic Programs


Number of Courses


Number of Churches that Support King's Annually


Located in Edmonton, Alberta, The King's University offers exceptional liberal arts education from a Christian perspective and serves students from across Canada and around the world.

We believe that the world is studied best from the perspective that it was created by and belongs to God. Being founded in the Christian faith, we try to reflect Christ's love and grace to all members of our community. We provide for every student an environment that promotes personal and spiritual development and academic growth. King's ranks highly on national surveys for student-faculty engagement, a supportive campus, and quality of teaching. Students leave here prepared for a future of bringing renewal and reconciliation in every walk of life.

Commitment to Academic Excellence

For over 40 years, The King's University has been committed to the highest level of excellence in teaching and research. A robust liberal arts offering underpins disciplinary learning and all programs at King's are approved by the Government of Alberta. From the university's Leder School of Business and Micah Centre for Justice and Development, to each of its bachelor's degree programs, students have opportunities to learn and research alongside faculty experts. The university is home to several Canada Research Chair appointees, 3M Teaching Award recipients, and acclaimed industry experts.

Caring Community

Building a Christian learning community where all belong and flourish has been a top priority for the university since it was founded in 1979. King's is known for its vibrant tight-knit campus; student-professor ratio; accessible academic, mental health, and wellness supports; faculty availability outside of the classroom; and as a place where life-long friendships that are formed each year.

Rich Opportunities for Students

At King's, students have opportunities to learn and grow outside of the classroom. Internships, directed study, practicum placements, hands-on learning, career and vocation counselling, and off-campus field learning play key roles in promoting success before and after graduation.

Economic Impact

Each year, King's contributes over $46.5 million dollars to the provincial economy through direct and indirect investments in capital, research, student services, and more. Our alumni generate millions more. Good things come in small packages!

Bright Hope for Tomorrow

King's strives to make a transformative impact on the world. Renewal and reconciliation in every walk of life is possible and King's helps to achieve this vision by equipping learners—professors and students alike—to contribute to the public good and advancement of God's Kingdom.

Programs prepare students for careers in business, teaching, natural and computing science, government, industry, and more.