Spring and Summer Housing Form

Complete the following form to apply to live in Residence outside of the Fall/Winter semesters. To apply for residence during the Fall/Winter semesters, complete the standard residence application process. If you have any questions about completing your application contact Kiel Jaravata, Residence Life Coordinator.

Note: While not usually a problem, limited space is available in residence during the Spring/Summer semesters. Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Student Information

*students moving off campus after the summer may only stay until Aug 1.

Please check all of the semesters you hope to to live in residence.

*We cannot guarantee that all roommate requests will be accommodated

Biographical/Medical Information

Personal Information

The purpose of this information is to place you with compatible roommates, when possible. Please answer the following questions honestly.

*Smoking is not allowed in residence buildings or on The King's University campus, but smokers may live in residence.

Short Answer Questions

Please read the Residence Life Community Living Standards and then answer the following questions.

In your own words, describe the objectives discussed on the first page of the Community Living Standards

List six kinds of violations which may result in disciplinary dismissal from Residence and the subsequent cancellation of the Residence Agreement.

I understand that all King’s University policies apply year round, including the Residence Life Community Living Standards. An infraction will result in disciplinary action and cancellation of the residence lease. I understand that I will be held responsible for the full amount of rent, and even if I move out of residence early, that I will be held responsible for the entire length of my residence agreement.  I understand that I will be held responsible for all damages, necessary cleaning, and my general behaviour while on King’s property. I understand that I am responsible for securing a check-in and check-out and may be charged if I do not comply.