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Traditional African medicine—nothing but voodoo? Public Lecture

Jan 29, 2024

Join us on Tuesday, February 6th in N102 for Morẹ́nikẹ́ Ọláòṣebìkan's public lecture "Traditional African medicine—nothing but voodoo?". The lecture is free and open to all King's students.

How might the philosophical foundations underpinning traditional African medicine intersect with the principles of evidence-based medicine? A compelling analysis suggests what’s needed is a transformative proposal to decolonize the practice of medicine, fostering a more inclusive and culturally aware healthcare landscape. Join us on a journey of philosophical discovery and social change in healthcare.

Morẹ́nikẹ́ Ọláòṣebìkan was born in Nigeria during the height of the HIV epidemic and grew up with an awareness of health inequities in African countries. The Ribbon Rouge event she organized as an undergraduate to raise funds for HIV efforts has become an international organization that works for health equity in Canada and has special consultative status with the United Nations. In 2021, the pharmacist and business owner founded Kemet Group, a startup that aims to boost drug-manufacturing capacity in Africa. In 2022, Ọláòṣebìkan built a software platform that tackled an immediate crisis in children’s pain medication as part of its larger work to reformulate drugs to improve patient experiences.

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