Astronomy at King's

King's observatory captures extraodinary pictures of astronomical bodies and events.
The Monkey Head Nebula is an emission nebula in the Orion star-forming region of the sky.

Astronomy focuses on the history and practice of studying motion in the heavens. Appreciate God's vast creation order through the telescope.

The King's Centre for Visualization in Science

The King's Centre for Visualization in Science (KCVS) is a research centre of The King's University. Dr. Brian Martin and  Dr. Peter Mahaffy are co-directors of the centre, working with an interdisciplinary team of undergraduate researchers. The work of the centre has been funded by The King's University, NSERC through a Centres for Research in Youth Science Teaching Learning (CRYSTAL-Alberta) grant and the USRA program, SSHRC, and through research partnerships in the United States (NSF), and Australia (ARC).

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