Study Computing Science at King's

There is a unique joy in writing programs and code that run smoothly and effectively. Harnessing this power opens new ways of solving problems and understanding how God has organized and structured the universe.

Inside this program

Learn In The Lab

Learn programming languages such as C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, and PHP. Immerse yourself in topics like modelling, database design, and numerical computing. Software and hardware labs provide opportunities to tinker and experiment. King's Computing Science program also provides the opportunity to specialize in graphics and visualization, secure computing, or software development.

Build Something New

As a computing science student, you will have opportunities to develop software and applications. By harnessing programs and algorithmic machines you'll also learn to solve problems and complete processes that are too time-consuming for humans to do unassisted.

Think Like a Programmer

In addition to providing an edge in the world of technology, key computing science competencies such as programming, critical thinking, and problem-solving develop unique ways of thinking.

Ask Important Questions

Computing science is at the core of modern society. It provides the means for how information is captured, analyzed, shared, and stored. As a computing science student, you'll have to think critically about the ethical and societal implications of advancements in technology.

Next Steps

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