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Study Bachelor of Science in Computing Science at King's

Just as other disciplines use instruments to study unseen phenomenon, students in the Computing Science program use computing devices to study aspects of how God structured and organized the universe.

Through lectures and lab work, computer science students learn the most current programming languages, database design, software engineering, numerical computing and modeling.  Core skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving and algorithm analysis are developed, giving graduates a competitive edge in the world of computing science.

The Computing Science program is very hands on, and students are equipped with lots of resources to excel in their studies. There is a joy in creating new programs and code, especially when it can be seen running smooth and effectively. Computer science majors select from a variety of courses including animation, game design, image processing and embedded images, web application design, and software engineering.

Computing Science programs offered at King's

Available as a major

  • 4-Year Bachelor of Science

Available as a minor

  • 4-Year Bachelor of Arts
  • 4-Year Bachelor of Commerce
  • 4-Year Bachelor of Music
  • 4-Year Bachelor of Science

Fall Program start date
Sep 5, 2017

Fall Application Deadline
Aug 15, 2017

Winter Program start date
Jan 4, 2018

Winter Application Deadline
Dec 1, 2017

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