Student & Faculty Research at King's

Natural & Computing Science Vern Peters Dawe, D. Peters, V.S., and Gondwe, E. 2017. "Aborted cones and accuracy in abscission scar counts." Nutcracker Notes 32:16-18.

Natural & Computing Science Vern Peters Peters, V.S. M. S. Gelderman, and D. R. Visscher. 2017. "Resiliency in masting systems: do evolved seed escape strategies benefit an endangered pine?" Ecosphere, 8(9):e01928. 10.1002/ecs2.1928.

Satiation of predispersal seed predators by mast years has been demonstrated in many intact ecosystems. When disease causes mortality of seed-bearing trees in an ecosystem, the abundance of food sources may alter seed predator behavior and abundance, and the ecosystem services derived from mutualistic seed dispersers. We used the endangered limber pine (Pinus flexilis) to examine whether the benefits of interannual variation in cone production vary depending on the severity of white pine blister rust (Cronartium ribicola) infections, the abundance of seed predator populations, and stand characteristics(...)

Natural & Computing Science Vern Peters Burton, P.J., and Peters, V.S. 2018. "A Crisis in Subalpine Forest Health." In The Alpine Club of Canada’s State of the Mountains Report, Parrott, L., Robinson, Z. and Hik, D. (Editors). Volume 1, May 2018. In press.

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Humanities & Social Sciences Arlette Zinck “Piety and Radicalism: Bunyan’s Writings of the 1680’s” Chapter 17 in The Oxford Handbook to John Bunyan. Ed. Michael Davies and Bob Owens. Oxford: University Press, 2018.

Scholars have long debated the issue of quietism and radicalism in John Bunyan’s prose and poetry. What is one to make of a minister who exhorts Nonconformists to non-violence in his prose writings yet pens imaginative fictions—one titled The Holy War (1682)—that seemingly glorify bloody acts of social and political radicalism? This chapter looks at the extensive corpus of works published by Bunyan in the 1680s, over the course of the last eight years of his life. This chapter does this through the lens of narrative theology, arguing that an appreciation of Bunyan’s pre-critical biblical hermeneutic helps to reconceptualize the apparent contradictions in his perspectives on violence, especially during the era of renewed oppression that occurred in the early 1680s.

Humanities & Social Sciences Arlette Zinck Foster, Lori and Arlette Zinck. “Bunyan’s Daring Compassion: Much-afraid and Changing Attitudes to Suicide in Late Seventeenth-Century England." Bunyan Studies: A Journal of Reformation and Nonconformist Culture. No.26, 2022, 28-54.

Humanities & Social Sciences Joanne Moyer Moyer, Joanne M., Julia Gesshe, and Harry Spaling. 2024. “Environmental Sustainability in the Mennonite Community: An Analysis of the Canadian Mennonite (2003-2021),” Journal of Mennonite Studies 41(2): 147-174.

Humanities & Social Sciences Tina Trigg "Birding, Fiction, and Margaret Atwood's Cultivation of Ecological Awareness" Christian Environmentalism and Human Responsibility in the 21st Century, Routledge, USA, 2023

This book chapter discusses an early short story (“The Resplendent Quetzal,” Dancing Girls,1977) and a recent graphic novel series (Angel Catbird, 2016-17) to demonstrate how Atwood’s focus on birding cultivates an ecological awareness that moves beyond literary representations to punctuate her activism and to advocate for a biocentric, sacramental understanding of creation—rather than an anthropocentric one. In terms of conservation, of particular note is Atwood’s emphasis on intergenerational collective action and youth as sources of possibility, change, and hope for the future.

Humanities & Social Sciences Tina Trigg “Margaret Atwood,” Major Authors, The Literary Encyclopedia, UK, 2023

An overview of Atwood's life and works.

Performance & Instruction Charles Stolte "Joy in the Journey" with Heidi Kuhse, piano. Edmonton, AB: December 2007.

Professional recording of Joy in the Journey.

Performance & Instruction Charles Stolte "Jerry Ozipko and Friends." Saxophone performer recording graphic and conceptual works with singer, electric violin and computer processing. Edmonton, AB: July 2013.

Professional recording of Jerry Ozipko and Friends.

Performance & Instruction Charles Stolte "Music of Thierry Alla." Trichromie trio de saxophones soprano (Thierry Alla, 2006): 2022.

Professional recording of Music of Thierry Alla.

Humanities & Social Sciences Jeffrey Dudiak Hiemstra, John L. "Worldviews in the Air: The Struggle to Create a Pluralist Broadcasting System in the Netherlands." University Press of America, 1997.

The contemporary Dutch broadcasting system is impossible to categorize according to standard models of broadcasting systems. It crosses the boundaries of public and private, non-profit and for-profit, neutral and value-laden, and secular and religious. This book explains the origins of this unequivocally unique pluralistic system.

Humanities & Social Sciences Jeffrey Dudiak Dudiak, Jeffrey. "Radicalizing Spirit: The Challenge of Contemporary Quakerism." Friends United Press, 2015.

Drawing on Quaker history, the Bible, philosophy, and his own experience among Friends, Dudiak advocates thinking the relationship between Quakerism and Christianity in parallel with the relationship Jesus took with respect to Judaism, that is, as an attempt at “fulfillment,” which requires both fidelity and transgression.

Humanities & Social Sciences Andrew Rillera Sprinkle, Preston, and Andrew Rillera. "Nonviolence: The Revolutionary Way of Jesus." Revised ed., David C Cook, 2021.

In a unique narrative approach, Sprinkle begins by looking at how the story of God as a whole portrays violence and war, drawing conclusions that guide the reader through the rest of the book. With urgency and precision, he navigates hard questions and examines key approaches to violence, driving every answer back to Scripture. Ultimately, Sprinkle challenges the church to "walk in a manner worthy of our calling" and shape our lives on the example of Christ.

Humanities & Social Sciences Jeffrey Dudiak Dudiak, Jeffrey. "The Intrigue of Ethics: A Reading of the Idea of Discourse in the Thought of Emmanuel Levinas (Perspectives in Continental Philosophy)". 1st ed., Fordham University Press, 2001.

The Intrigue of Ethics: A Reading of the Idea of Discourse in the Thought of Emmanuel Levinas explains how human beings can live more peacefully with one another by understanding the conditions of possibility for dialogue. Philosophically, this challenge is articulated as the problem of: how dialogue as dia-logos is possible when the shared logos is precisely that which is in question.

Humanities & Social Sciences Stephen W. Martin Martin, Stephen W. "Faith Negotiating Loyalties: An Exploration of South African Christianity through a Reading of the Theology of H. Richard Niebuhr." University Press of America, 2008.

Faith Negotiating Loyalties draws readers into the world of Christian faith in South Africa and the question of loyalties in the new post-apartheid state. It carries out its investigation in two parts. Part one examines Christian faith and loyalty during the first nation-building exercise following the South African War, positioning the creation and contestation of three Christianities corresponding to three nationalisms, each of which imagined South Africa in a particular way, shaping faith accordingly.

Humanities & Social Sciences Douglas Harink Harink, Douglas. "Resurrecting Justice." 1st ed., IVP ACADEMIC, 2020.

The theme of justice pervades the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Many turn to Old Testament laws, the prophets, and the life of Jesus to find biblical guidance on justice, but few think of searching the letters of Paul. Readers frequently miss a key source, a writing in which justice is actually the central concern: the book of Romans.

Humanities & Social Sciences Mark Sandle Sandle, Mark, and William Van Arragon. "Re-forming History." Cascade Books, 2019.

Does the discipline of history need a reformation? How should Christian faith shape the ways historians do their work? This book, written for students, considers the “how” of doing history.

Humanities & Social Sciences Mark Sandle Sandle, Mark. "Communism." 1st ed., Routledge, 2006.

Why did communism grow so quickly? Why did it spread to turn almost half of the world red by the mid-1970s? What impact did it have upon capitalism and capitalist society?

Humanities & Social Sciences Michael DeMoor Ferrer, Hector A., et al., editors. "Seeking Stillness or The Sound of Wings: Scholarly and Artistic Comment on Art, Truth, and Society in Honour of Lambert Zuidervaart." Wipf and Stock, 2021.

Seeking Stillness or The Sound of Wings pays tribute to Lambert Zuidervaart, one of the most productive Reformational philosophers of the present generation, by picking up the central concerns of his philosophical work—art, truth, and society—and working with the legacy of his published concern to see what more can be understood about our world in light of that legacy.

Humanities & Social Sciences Mark Sandle Sandle, Mark. "Gorbachev: Man of the Twentieth Century?" Bloomsbury Academic, 2008.

This new study draws upon a wide variety of sources East and West, textual and visual, newspaper and memoir, academic and popular to try and understand the reasons why Gorbachev remains such an enigmatic figure.

Humanities & Social Sciences Stephen W. Martin Martin, Stephen W. "Decomposing Modernity: Ernest Becker's Images of Humanity at the End of an Age." University Press of America, 1996.

This book reads Ernest Becker both as a prophet of modernity and as a sensitive observer of its decline. Situated within the disciplinary approach of 'theology of culture,' the book discerns in dialogue with Becker the contours of modern vision in its depth-dimension.

Humanities & Social Sciences Stephen W. Martin Martin, Stephen W., et al., editors. "Facing the Truth: South African Faith Communities and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission." 1st ed., Ohio University Press, 1999

The unique desire of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) to turn its back on revenge and to create a space where deeper processes of "forgiveness, confession, repentance, reparation, and reconciliation can take place" reflects the spirit of some churches and faith communities in South Africa.

Humanities & Social Sciences Jeffrey Dudiak Dudiak, Jeffrey. "Post-Truth? Facts and Faithfulness." Wipf and Stock, 2022.

In Post-Truth? Facts and Faithfulness, Jeffrey Dudiak explores the fissures and fractures that vex our so-called “post-truth” era, searching for a deeper, dare we say truer, understanding of the cultural forces that have led North American society to become so polarized.

Natural & Computing Science Peter Mahaffy Mahaffy, P. G.; Matlin, S.A; "Systems thinking to educate about the molecular basis of sustainability" L’ actualité chimique, N° 446, pp. 47-49 (Dec 2019,

Featured in International Union of Pure & Applied Chemistry 100 stories for their Centenial.  IUPAC 100 Stories.

Humanities & Social Sciences David Long Starblanket, Gina and David Long (eds). (2019) "Visions of the Heart. Issues Involving Indigenous Peoples in Canada." 5th ed. Toronto: Oxford University Press.

Co-edited volume addressing a variety of issues involving Indigenous peoples in Canada.

Business & Management Daniel Kim Kim, H. D. (2019). "Determinants of Organizational Commitment in Emerging Market: Korean Expatriates in India." European Journal of Economics and Business Studies, 5(1): 116-125.

This study examined expatriates’ organizational commitment by focusing on how willingness to accept an international assignment, training for an international assignment, expatriate empowerment, perceived organizational support, and demographic variables in order to predict the Korean expatriates’ organizational commitment in India.

Business & Management Daniel Kim Kim, H.D., & Tung, R. L. "The Effect of Boundaryless Career Attitude on Intention to Leave: the Case of Korean Expatriates in India"

This study seeks to address the predictors of expatriates’ intention to leave the organization and to examine how boundaryless career attitude affects the intention under various situations based on a questionnaire survey of 82 Korean expatriate managers in India.

Humanities & Social Sciences Gerda Kits Kits, Gerda J. 2019. "Why Educating for Shalom Requires Decolonization." International Journal of Christianity and Education 23(2): 185-203.

Indigenous scholars argue that reconciliation requires educators to make space for Indigenous perspectives in the curriculum. This paper agrees, arguing that Christians who are committed to Wolterstorff’s concept of “educating for shalom” must work towards decolonization of the educational system.

Humanities & Social Sciences Christopher Peet Peet, C. (2019). ":Practicing transcendence: Axial Age spiritualities for a world in crisis." New York: Palgrave MacMillan.

Scholars have become increasingly interested in philosopher Karl Jaspers’ thesis that a spiritual revolution in consciousness during the first millennium BCE decisively shaped world history. Axial ideas of transcendence develop into ideologies for world religions and civilizations, in turn coalescing into a Eurasian world-system that spreads globally to become the foundation of our contemporary world.

Business & Management Daniel Kim Kim, H. D., & Kamalanabhan, T. J. (2020). "Task Performance of Expatriates Based on Emissary Model of Global Human Resource Strategy." Management and Labour Studies, 45(4): 1-16

This survey study examined predictors of the task performance of Korean expatriates in India, while considering their globalization status. Task performance was significantly influenced by opportunities for career development and satisfaction of global human resource management practices.

Natural & Computing Science Vern Peters Dawe, D.A., Peters, V.S., and Flannigan, M.D. 2020. "Post-fire regeneration of endangered limber pine (Pinus flexilis) at the northern extent of its range", Forest Ecology and Management 457(2020) 117725:1-12.

We present original research on the lack of efficacy of fires for providing regeneration opportunities for limber pine in the immediate post-fire period.  We caution managers about using prescribed burns as a recovery strategy for the endangered limber pine.

Humanities & Social Sciences Gerda Kits Kits, Gerda, Roy Berkenbosch, and Joanne Moyer. 2021. "Cultivating Hope in the Christian University Classroom." International Journal of Christianity and Education 25(1)

Today’s post-secondary students struggle with increasing depression and anxiety, in part influenced by the troubling state of the world. Our students desperately need hope; yet too often, their university classes diminish rather than increase hope. Drawing on the work of diverse scholars and educators, this paper lays out a theological framework for hope and uses it to outline orientations and practices for the classroom that equip students to live faithfully into that hope.

Natural & Computing Science Leah Martin-Visscher Lamer T, van Belkum MJ, Wijewardane A, Chiorean S, Martin?Visscher LA, Vederas JC. 2022. "SPI “sandwich”: Combined SUMO?Peptide?Intein expression system and isolation procedure for improved stability and yield of peptides." Protein Sci 31:e4316. DOI: 1

Recombinant peptide production in Escherichia coli is often accomplished through cloning and expression of a fusion protein. The fusion protein partner generally has two requirements: (a) it contains an affinity tag to assist with purification and (b) it can be cleaved off to leave only the desired peptide sequence behind.

Humanities & Social Sciences Natural & Computing Science Adrian Beling Conference panel: "Making the sustainability transition politically feasible" (ID627) at the Earth System Governance Conference 2022" "Governing accelerated transitions. Justice, creativity and power in a transforming world"

The ever-increasing probability of a global ecological collapse in the near future has hitherto not made a dent in the continued expansive drive of global development. While the need for far-reaching societal transformation becomes ever more apparent as a condition to achieve sustainability, agents and structures of governance, as well as individual and collective practices at both the global and local levels, seem to remain trapped in a fundamental dilemma: managing the ecological crisis, in order to keep its disruptive effects in check when possible, while simultaneously guaranteeing the continuity of the capitalist consumer society and pursuing the universalization of inherently unsustainable ways of life.

Humanities & Social Sciences Adrian Beling Beling, Adrián E. & Emmanuel Poretti (2022). “Del desarrollo a la ecología integral: La Red Universitaria para el Cuidado de la Casa Común (RUC) y su Diplomatura Superior en Ecología Integral”. En: Ana María Bonet de Viola, Manuel Gómez Mendoza, Thoma

Within the framework of the global debate on the implications of a necessary socio-ecological transition to implications of a necessary socio-ecological transition to sustainability for the reorientation of current current development trajectories, the present text aims to present a concrete experience in the present a concrete experience of construction and articulation of an institutional network of Latin American universities of an institutional network of Latin American universities around the regulative ideal of an "ecological regulatory ideal of an "integral ecology".

Humanities & Social Sciences Natural & Computing Science Adrian Beling Vanhulst, Julien , Karla Gonzalez Tapia, Adrian E. Beling, Ricardo Rivas, Rachel Elfant (2022). "From NIMBY to transformation? Lessons from four case studies in the Maule Region in Chile." Local Environment, DOI:

Research on local environmental struggles as a politicisation process opens space to reflect on the contributions of socio-ecological resistance movements toward systemic sustainability governance. This article seeks to empirically test Sebastien’s theoretical and methodological framework on enlightening resistance through four case studies from Chile, while additionally exploring the capacity of politically proactive movements to push socio-ecological change beyond lifeworld sustainability toward systemic sustainability.

Humanities & Social Sciences Joshua Harris Biswal, R., Sinclair A.J. and Spaling, H. 2023. "Moving to next generation community-based environmental assessment." Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal. Published online 2023-08-04.

Undertaking environmental assessments for small, rural development projects has proven to be both vexing and essential. Our research considers one approach to assessing such projects, community-based environmental assessment (CBEA). The purpose of our work was to gauge current CBEA practice and consider next generation approaches in the face of challenges such as lack of adequate capacity, resource and power imbalances, achieving meaningful participation, narrow conceptions of sustainability, and weak follow-up and monitoring.

Natural & Computing Science Leah Martin-Visscher Britton AP, Visser KA, Ongenae VMA, Zhang P, Wassink H, Doerksen TA, Welke CA, Lynch KH, van Belkum MJ, Dennis JJ, Yang X, Claessen D, Briegel A, Martin-Visscher LA. 2023. "Characterization of Bacteriophage cd2, a Siphophage Infecting Carnobacterium diver

Carnobacterium divergens is frequently isolated from natural environments and is a predominant species found in refrigerated foods, particularly meat, seafood and dairy. While there is substantial interest in using C. divergens as biopreservatives and/or probiotics, some strains are known to be fish pathogens, and the uncontrolled growth of C. divergens has been associated with food spoilage.

Humanities & Social Sciences Adrian Beling Beling, A.E. (2023). "The Catholic Church in Times of Ecological Crisis: An “Unusual Suspect” in Advancing the Transition to Sustainability? Religion & Development." Special issue on Catholic-Muslim Dialogue (Severine Deneulin and Masooda Bano, gue

Religious traditions and institutions have historically played a significant role in shaping cultural scaffoldings and social practices. Can they also help re-shape the unsustainable world humans have made for themselves, which is now undermining not only the actual and prospective minimum standards of dignified life for the many, but also the basic fabric of Earth’s life support?

Business & Management James Bruyn Bruyn James, "Are you waiting to feel qualified to lead?", Biblical Leadership, April 27, 2023.

Have you every asked yourself, "Who am I Lord, that you are asking me to lead this?" If you have, you are in the company of many godly leaders throughout history.

Business & Management James Bruyn Bruyn, James, "What we learn about change from the Unchanging One", Biblical Leadership, April 13, 2023.

Natural & Computing Science John Smith John Smith. "Post-fire regeneration of endangered limber pine (Pinus flexilis) at the northern extent of its range." M.Sc. thesis, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta.

Prescribed fire was tested as a potential recovery strategy for the endangered limber pine. We found that fire did not create regeneration opportunities in short term,, as only 6 seedlings were found on 8 - 16 year old fires. In contrast, 20 times this much regeneration occurred over this same time period on unburned seedbeds in adjacent mature stands. We recommend that alternative restoration practices, namely planting disease resistant seedlings, be considered for meeting short term recovery goals.