Employee Directory (kingsu.ca/people)

Adegbesan, Gbemi

Director of Recruitment and Admissions P: 780-465-8339
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Aldrich, Sacha

Gender-based Violence Awareness Initiative Coordinator P: 825-901-7531

Aleye, Rosa

Counsellor P: 780-465-3500

Algera, Dr. Henry

Dean of Education P: 780-465-8313
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Algera, Ellen

Micah Centre Administrative Assistant P: 825-901-0553
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Andriushchenko, Nataliia

Accounting Support

Anstice, Brian

Women's Basketball Head Coach P: 780-465-8386 M: 780-717-5849

Baker, Quinn

Lab Coordinator/Instructor, Computing Science P: 825-901-5713

Beling, Dr. Adrian

Assistant Professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies; Canada Research Chair in Transition to Sustainability P: 825-901-5724
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Berkenbosch, Roy

Educator, Founder of the Micah Centre P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8188
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Bermido, Erykca

Admissions Officer – Advisor P: 780-777-4503
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Bestman, Dr. Hank

Emeritus Vice President Academic, Professor, Biology & Biochemistry P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8047
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Beukes, Dr. Elwil

Emeritus Professor, Economics P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8061
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Brook, Benjamin

Associate Registrar P: 825-901-0530

Brosseau, Dr. Danielle

Associate Professor of Psychology,
Registered Psychologist
P: 825-901-0479
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Bruyn, Dr. James

Assistant Professor, Business P: 825-901-5690
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Burford, Nancy

Work Integrated Learning Coordinator P: 780-465-8381
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Campbell, Amber

Accounting Manager P: 780-465-8303
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Conference Services, Office

General Inquiries P: 780-465-3500

Conway, CoraLee

Dean of Students

Cook, Dr. Harry

Emeritus Professor, Biology
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Cousineau, Kim

Concert and Chamber Choir Accompanist
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Cruikshank, Dr. Stephen

Sessional Lecturer, English & Spanish P: 780-465-3500
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Debree, Kathryn

Coordinator of Student Records P: 825-901-1002

DeMoor, Dr. Michael

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences; Associate Professor, Social Philosophy P: 825-901-4971
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Den Boer, Sarah

Executive Associate to the Vice President Academic and Research P: 780-465-8354

Denis, Kimberley

Instructor of Music, Voice P: 780-465-3500
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Diaz, Ilse

Custodian P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8221

Doyon, Robin

Instructor of Music, Trumpet

Dudiak, Dr. Jeffrey

Professor, Philosophy P: 780-465-8387
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Duenk, Amanda

Spiritual Growth Coordinator P: 825-901-5744

Edwards, Paulette

Coordinator of Human Resources and Payroll P: 825-901-0998

Eeles, Mark

Instructor of Music, Cello

Elger, Ting

Development Administrative Assistant P: 825-901-0529

Enskat, Andreas

Director of Information Technology Services

Fan, Stephen

Assistant Professor, Natural Sciences

Fearon, Mary

Instructor of Music, French Horn
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Ferber, Dr. Michael

Dean, Leder School of Business P: 825-901-3964
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Filipek, Jacqueline

Associate Professor of Education P: 825-901-4935

Fitzgerald, Kevin

Maintenance Technician P: 780-465-8366

Fokema, Heidi

Custodian P: 780-465-3500

Foo, Bob

Spiritual Mentor and Life Coach P: 780-465-3500
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Forestier, Michel

Instructor of Music, Guitar
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Froehlich, Trevor

Director of Development P: 825-901-4831
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Giesbrecht, Dr. Marnie

Instructor of Music, Organ

Grasdahl, Wendy

Sessional Lecturer, Music
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Gray, Angela

Coordinator, Student Accounts and Awards

Grieger, Dr. Evelyn

Sessional Instructor, Choral Conducting and Ensemble

Haque, Naeem

Badminton Head Coach P: 825-901-0518 M: 780-886-9941
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Harink, Dr. Douglas

Emeritus Professor, Theology P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8062
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Harris, Joshua

Associate Professor of Philosophy P: 825-901-4851
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Haveman, Jana

Manager of Field Services P: 825-901-0978
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Hiemstra, Dr. John

Professor, Political Studies P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8040
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Ho, Frank

Instructor of Music, Violin
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Hull, Dr. John E.

Emeritus Professor, Education P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8019
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Humphreys, Dr. Melanie

President P: 780-465-8302
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Janzen, Dr. Michael

Assistant Professor, Computing Science P: 825-901-0979
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Jaravata, Kiel

Residence Life Coordinator P: 780-465-3500

Java, Tinashe

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Jol, Cathy

Textbook Coordinator P: 780-465-8306

Kath, Erica

Social Media Coordinator

Keeler, Glenn

Associate Vice President Institutional Research P: 780-465-8351
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Khramova, Dr. Tetyana

Assistant Professor, Business P: 825-901-1005
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Kim, Dr. Daniel

Assistant Professor of Business P: 825-901-3973
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Kirk, Andrew

Assistant Professor of Education, Faculty of Education P: 825-901-4879
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Kirk, Kimberly

Leder School of Business Support & Engagement Coordinator P: 825-901-4787
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Kits, Dr. Gerda

Associate Professor, Economics P: 825-901-0476
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Koch, Liz

Instructor of Music, Flute

Kooistra, Dr. Remkes

Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Director of Interdisciplinary Science P: 780-465-8325
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Krajancic, Antonio

Admissions Officer - Recruiter P: 825-901-0504 M: 780-777-8195

Lavigne, Candis

Facilities Coordinator

Leenheer, Katrina

Library Assistant P: 780-465-8304

Lees, Cindy

Admissions Officer - Advisor P: 825-901-5741 M: 780-777-4386

Lemke, Kristin

Manager, Centre for Teaching and Learning and Accessibility Services P: 780-465-8357
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Levia, Beth

Instructor of Music, Oboe
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Lieffers, Dr. Caroline

Associate Professor, History P: 780-465-8367
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Linfitt, Jolene

Library Technician P: 780-465-8319

Long, Dr. David

Professor, Sociology P: 780-465-8364
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Loogman, Carissa

Registered Psychologist P: 780-465-3500

Looy, Dr. Heather

Professor, Psychology P: 780-465-8365
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Lowrey, Ariane

Voice and Flute Accompanist
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Mahaffy, Dr. Peter

Professor, Chemistry P: 780-465-8343
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Mandizadza, Shingirai

Assistant Professor of Sociology P: 825-901-0485
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Manocha, Catherine

Laboratory Coordinator P: 780-465-8329
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Martin, Dr. Brian

Professor Emeritus, Mathematics & Physics
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Martin, Dr. Stephen W.

Professor of Theology, Chair of Theology P: 780-465-8346
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Martin-Visscher, Dr. Leah

Associate Professor, Chemistry P: 825-901-4920
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Miller, Jeff

Lecturer Instructor in Business Accounting P: 825-901-5697
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Mingay, Dr. Philip

Associate Professor English, Chair of English P: 825-901-0493
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Mitchell, Paula

Director of Human Resources P: 825-901-5673

Mohacsy, Lori

Sessional Instructor, Drama

Moyer, Dr. Joanne

Associate Professor Environmental Studies and Geography, Director of Environmental Studies P: 825-901-3980
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Myburgh, Dr. Caitlynd

Assistant Professor, Kinesiology P: 825-901-3999
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Nicolai-deKoning, Jonathan

Micah Centre Program Director P: 780-465-8370

Office, Student Life

P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8009

Office, Registration and Student Finance

P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8030
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Office, Admissions

Admissions Office P: 780-465-8334

Office, Development

Development Office P: 780-465-8314

Office, Student Support and Accessibility

Office, Alumni Relations

Alumni Relations Office P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8011

Office, Housing

P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8009
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Office, Library

P: 780-465-8304
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Office, Student's Association

Student's Association Main Office P: 780-465-8377
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Olson, Janna

Sessional Instructor, Piano

Ooms, Dr. Kristopher

Vice President Academic, Chemistry Professor P: 780-465-8382
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Ooms, Martine

Laboratory Coordinator P: 825-901-2001
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Ouellette, Jay

Men’s Basketball Head Coach; Kinesiology Instructor P: 780-465-8399 M: 780-887-6881
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Ovie, Dr. Glory

Assistant Professor of Education P: 825-901-4978
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Paltzat, Greg

Help Desk/Desktop Analyst P: 825-901-0488

Patrick, Dr. Margie

Associate Professor, Education P: 825-901-0533
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Patton, Ashley

Community Relations Manager P: 780-465-8316
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Paunovic, Jennifer

Accounts Receivable Specialist P: 780-465-8310

Peet, Dr. Christopher

Professor, Psychology P: 780-465-8368
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Peters, Dr. Vern

Professor, Biology P: 825-901-2997
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Peterson, Dr. Eila

Full-time Instructor of Music, Music Theory, Aural Skills P: 780-465-8326
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Poworoznik, Ella

Marketing Administrative Assistant P: 780-465-8353
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Preston, Dr. Gordon

Associate Professor of Business P: 825-901-0703
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Prior, Dr. Heather

Associate Professor, Biology P: 780-465-8371
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Raycroft, Elizabeth

Instructor of Music, Voice P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8211
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Regehr, Dr. Leanne

Instructor of Music, Piano P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8198
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Rillera, Dr. Andrew

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies and Theology P: 780-465-8362
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Robichaud, Lisa

Development Officer P: 825-901-0496

Roscoe, Dr. Brett

Associate Professor, English P: 825-901-0554
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Ross, Don

Instructor of Music, Clarinet
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Ross, Tammy

Admissions Officer - Recruiter P: 825-901-5703

Sandham, Tricia

Coordinator Wellness & Counselling / Lead Psychologist P: 825-901-5748

Sandle, Dr. Mark

Professor, History P: 825-901-0531
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Sandle, Witty

Centre for Career and Calling Manager, Career and Vocational Counsellor P: 780-465-8397
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Schalk Bjornson, Bonita

Senior Library Technician & Gerry Segger Heritage Collection P: 780-465-8398

Schuurman, Dr. Henry

Professor Emeritus, Philosophy

Schwarz, Thomas

Admissions Officer - Advisor P: 824-901-0505 M: 780-777-4527
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Scott, Grace

Director, Athletics P: 825-901-5671
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Segger, Dr. Joachim

Emeritus Professor, Music P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8025
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Segger, Mark

Sessional Lecturer, Music
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Shrestha, Sahil

Admissions Data & Communication Coordinator

Slupsky, Cindy

Laboratory Coordinator, Chemistry Laboratory Instructor P: 780-465-8355

Spaling, Dr. Harry

Professor Emeritus of Environmental Studies & Geography P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8003
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Stad, Henry

Student Systems Specialist P: 825-901-5659

Starke, Heather

Natural Science Instrumentation Coordinator P: 780-465-8376

Steinke, Helen

Education Coordinator P: 780-465-8359
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Steinke, Norm

Lead Custodian P: 825-901-5682

Stienstra, Dr. Wendy

Associate Professor, Education P: 825-901-4886
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Stolte, Dr. Charles

Professor of Music; Chair, Department of Music P: 825-901-0524
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Tappenden, Dr. Andrew

Dean of Natural Science; Associate Professor, Computing Science P: 780-465-8327
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Taylor, Teddi

Development Information Coordinator P: 780-465-8389

Teigen, Lisa

Student Support and Accessibility P: 780-465-8360

Telepenko, Gregory

Building Operator

Teliske, Ryan

Athletics Marketing Coordinator; Men's Volleyball Head Coach P: 825-901-7535
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Tilbury, Katie

Woodwinds, Brass, & Strings Accompanist
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Trigg, Dr. Tina

Associate Professor, English P: 780-465-8336
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Troschke, Ralph

Vice President Finance & Operations P: 780-465-8307

Troschke, Angela

Orientation and Transitions Coordinator P: 780-465-8309
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Troschke, Helena

Student Records Assistant P: 780-465-3500

Tuininga, Shannon

Vice President of Institutional Advancement P: 780-465-8375
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Turgeon, Dr. Melanie

Professor, Music P: 780-465-8331
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Van Arragon, Dr. William

Associate Professor, History; Dean of Arts P: 780-465-8374
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Van Driel, Todd

Athletics Operations; Men's Soccer/Futsal Head Coach P: 825-901-0512
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Van Weerden, Colleen

Accounts Payable P: 780-465-8356

VanBeek, Lawrence

Registrar P: 825-901-0974

Vande Kraats, Scott

Creative Specialist P: 780-465-8320

vandenHeuvel, Mar-Claire

Recruitment Manager P: 825-901-0546
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Vander Kooy, Nikolas

Director of Marketing P: 825-901-3965

VanderSchee, Dr. Cassidy

Assistant Professor, Chemistry P: 780-465-8369
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vanHeyst, Daniel

Emeritus Professor, Arts and Drama
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Vaudry, Dr. Richard

Emeritus Professor, History
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Visscher, Dr. Darcy

Associate Professor, Biology P: 825-901-1008
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Wach, Judy

Executive Assistant to the President P: 780-465-8301

Wallace, Natalie

Student's Association General Manager P: 780-465-8377
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Warren, Rebecca

Sessional Instructor, English P: 780-465-8332
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Warron, Lesley

Registered Psychologist P: 780-465-3500

Whetham, Scott

Instructor of Music, Tuba
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Wiebe, Nelson

Academic Advising Coordinator P: 825-901-2982
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Wiebe, Christine

Director of Facilities

Williams, Dr. Tyler

Adjunct Professor

Willson, Dr. Leanne

Associate Professor, Psychology P: 825-901-0502
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Willson Gordon, Dr. Elizabeth

Assistant Professor, English P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8109 F: 780-465-3534
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Wittenberg, Eric

Server / Network Analyst P: 780-465-8315
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Wolmarans, Dr. Annerieke

Assistant Professor, Biology P: 780-465-8372
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Wood, Dr. John R.

Emeritus Dean of Natural Sciences; Professor, Biology and Environmental Studies P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8044
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Zinck, Dr. Arlette

Professor, English P: 825-901-0499
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