Research Data Management Strategy

While The King’s University is in the early stages of services, repositories, and necessary documentation for an institutional Research Data Management Strategy, it is committed to supporting the following strategy and helping researchers achieve good research data management practices.

The purpose of the Institutional Research Data Management (RDM) Strategy is to foster a culture and develop the capacity to support researchers in adopting responsible RDM practices, in part by following the FAIR Principles (findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable) and CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance, with considerations for collective benefit, authority to control, responsibility, and ethics.

This strategy is a living document and will be reviewed and adapted in pace with the evolving needs and policies in terms of research data management. The support services described in this strategy will be provided to all research activities.

The University will use this document to develop and review services and policies. The roadmap portion of the document will be reviewed annually, and indicators of success will be developed.