Pakitinâsowin Fund at King's

The King's University takes the Biblical call to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our Creator, seriously. It's about supporting and renewing our relationships with our neighbours. As Edmonton's Christian university, we're excited to work alongside local churches and organizations to turn expressions of reconciliation into meaningful action.

The Need

There are many Indigenous grass roots organizations engaged in phenomenal work in their communities. But access to grants and other funding sources can be a challenge for smaller organizations and initiatives.

That's where the Pakitinâsowin Fund comes in. We're pooling our resources together to create an endowment built for sustainability and continued giving.

The Fund will disburse grants that support Indigenous non-profits and initiatives early on, when funding is needed most. Each year, the fund's principal will remain invested with a portion of the interest being disbursed. As the fund grows, so will the grant amounts.

Exciting News - Next Steps!

In fall of 2023, our Indigenous advisory circle and local stakeholders gave out our first two grants! Our first recipients well-respected leaders in Edmonton’s Indigenous community. The grants will be used to continue culture-based healing initiatives and to start a much-needed program for those struggling with addiction.

Modelling our unique, Indigenous-led approach, our first round of grant recipients will be both receivers and givers of gifts, in keeping with the relational spirit of the Pakitinâsowin (or ‘Give-Away’) ceremony that is at the heart of the fund. Grant recipients will mentor the next round of recipients and serve on the Advisory Circle.

Fund Highlights

  • Indigenous-led advisory circle responsible for fund disbursement and investment decisions.
  • Disbursement of three grants annually; to a children's, women's, and community-based initiative.
  • Accessible, low-barrier, eligibility criteria to ensure funds get to initiatives that need them most.
  • Partnerships across churches and denominations—doing more together than we could ever hope to on our own.

Your gifts generate continued funding for Indigenous grass-roots initiatives.

Why "Pakitinâsowin"?

In the nêhiyawêwin (Cree) language, pakitinâsowin can be referred to as ‘the give-away ceremony.’ While differing somewhat from place to place and people to people, the central purpose is the same; establish a relationship between communities and signify a mutual dependence on each other, and the Creator, through the giving and receiving of gifts.

Inspired by this vision, the Pakitinâsowin Fund aims to establish relationships between Indigenous communities and non-Indigenous churches.

Who is participating?

It's a big group! In addition to King's and the Micah Centre for Justice and Development, key partners include the Northern Alberta Diaconal Conference and churches from the Anglican, Christian Reformed, and Mennonite communities. We look forward to more churches, individuals, and community groups joining us in the future.

As an ecumenical institution, King's has a unique opportunity to invite churches and denominations of all traditions to join together in this work.