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Begin a Career in Health and Wellness at The King's University

The Kinesiology minor provides a general introduction into the field of human health science. The program equips students with knowledge and skills pertaining to healthy living and movement. King's Kinesiology program focuses on sports, wellness, coaching and teaching but is also useful for students who want to dig deeper into anatomy, physiology and nutrition.

Go beyond the classroom by learning individual and team sports. Understand how to come alongside others to help them lead lives enriched by leisure and activity. In a health-conscious society abundant with misinformation about healthy living, it is important to have accurate facts about physical education and well-being.

Kinesiology Program Highlights

  • Understand how anatomy, physiology, fitness and nutrition all play a role in a person's total wellness
  • Gain knowledge and practical skills needed to help others live healthier lifestyles
  • Foster a holistic understanding of humanity and countless factors that contribute to human wellness
  • Participate in hands-on work opportunities or pursue a particular area of interest with practicums and special topics study
  • Dive into sports and the role they play in keeping us healthy and social
  • Learn how fitness, wellness and health can bring glory to God

    Careers & Graduate Programs

  • Athletic Therapy
  • Chiropracty
  • Coaching
  • Firefighting
  • Health and Wellness Education
  • Nursing
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Personal Training
  • Physical Education
  • Physical Therapy
  • Police
  • Recreation Coordinator
  • Recreation and Leisure Management
  • Rehabilitation Counselling
  • Sports Management
Admission Requirements