Establish or Enhance a Scholarship or Bursary

Scholarships are proceeds from endowment gifts awarded to students who excel in academic achievement and leadership potential. Annually-funded scholarships can also be established to provide awards for students.


  • Provide access to education for worthy students.
  • Affirm academic excellence and develop leadership skills.
  • Are an investment in the development of future educators and leaders for our schools, churches and communities.

Scholarships may stipulate terms of eligibility which can include academic standing, vocational choice, Christian commitment, minimum course enrolment, affiliations and other criteria.

Your scholarship gift can make a profound impact in the life of a student at The King’s University!


Bursaries are proceeds from endowment gifts which benefit students who demonstrate financial need as well as satisfactory academic progress. Annually-funded scholarships can also be established to provide support for students

  • Provide access to education for students with financial need.
  • Affirm commitment to the universality of education.
  • Are an investment in the success of students who may otherwise not be able to meet their goals.

Bursaries may have additional terms of eligibility including Christian commitment, vocational choice, student life activities and other financial aid received.

Who benefits from creating a scholarship at King's?


Every year over 200 students benefit from the assistance provided through endowed support. For some, scholarships and bursaries are the primary means through which they are able to experience the unique education The King’s University has to offer. Through your generosity, even more students can benefit from this experience.


Because of significant tax advantages, scholarships and bursaries can be an effective part of your estate and financial planning. Up to 46% of your gift may be tax deductible when given as an endowment gift. The King’s University encourages you to seek professional financial advice regarding the benefits of your gift to your financial situation.


Endowed funds in the form of scholarships and bursaries form an integral and permanent funding source which enables The King’s to attract and serve students seeking academic excellence in a distinctive Christian setting.

To find out more about how you can include The King’s University in your financial plans, a personal, professional and confidential visit, with no obligation, can be arranged at your convenience.

For more information about how you can support students with scholarships and bursaries or other planned giving opportunities, please contact: Trevor Froehlich, Director of Development