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Earn your Education degree as an after-degree at King's

Make a difference in the lives of students. Be the reason they learn to love learning by helping them succeed both inside and outside of the classroom.

The kind of a difference you are able to make in a student's life can be affected by the quality of your teacher preparation program. Our world needs educators who have developed authentic connections between their faith and teaching practices. That's why King's innovative curriculum blends theory, reflective practices, lectures from highly qualified professors and an extended 17-week teaching practicum to ensure graduates leave with highly practical and current teaching approaches.

Students of King's Elementary and Secondary Education programs acquire the knowledge, skills and attributes required of teachers educating in the complex modern school environment. Graduates qualify for teacher certification in Alberta, across Canada, and abroad.

Education Program Highlights

  • Learn to teach in elementary or secondary classrooms and in a variety of school settings
  • Become an educator who cares deeply about students and their growth
  • Join King's education graduates who are recognized as some of the best-prepared teachers in Alberta
  • Discover a program that inspires you to teach from the heart and out of who you are as a person
  • Learn from classroom master teachers and a 12-week final practicum that provides you with real school experience
  • Develop connections between your faith and teaching practices as you prepare for employment in private, Catholic, public and alternative schools
  • Explore the kind of teacher you want to be as you learn from professors who teach out of experience and a practical understanding of what makes classrooms work
  • Study in a close, tight-knit cohort where classmates become friends and future colleagues


Field experience is an important part of King's education program. It's where an aspiring teacher begins to understand what it means to make a difference in the life of a student. At King's, Education students spend a total of 18 weeks in the classroom across two separate practicums! Each student meets personally with the Education Field Services Manager who assists students in finding the right practicum and school setting for them.

All practicums take place under the supervision of certified classroom mentor teachers and King’s faculty supervisors.

Students also have options to work one-on-one with struggling students, attend literacy events or participate in classroom observation sessions depending on whether they are enrolled in the Elementary or Secondary program.

Program Profiles

Ellen Mikhail

Ellen Mikhail, B.Ed. Elementary '22

Being an educator has always been a dream and passion of mine. From a young age, I would always volunteer in other classrooms in my school. I taught rhythmic gymnastics for over 15 years to all ages.…

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Josh Pires

Josh Pires, B.Ed. Secondary '22

I had great teachers in high school and from the get-go I said: ‘Teaching, that’s what I want to do.’ King’s advertised at my school a lot. It was always on my mind, so I checked…

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Rayanne VandenBrink

Rayanne VandenBrink, B. Ed. Secondary '22

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved learning and helping others get to that "ah-ha" moment. I would invite my little cousins over and coerce them into playing school, which was not as fun for…

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Abigael Nsonga

Abigael Nsonga, B.Ed Elementary ‘22

I want to become the enticing, inspiring, energetic, confident, loving, black teacher I wish I had when I was younger. Growing up in Canada, I rarely saw teachers that looked like me: with dark skin,…

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Caleb Vetter

Caleb Vetter, B.Ed. Elementary '22

My favourite part of being a student at King's is the unique professor-student relationship. I have the tradition of beginning each term by arranging a short chat with many different faculty members.…

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Julia Slomp

Julia Slomp, B.Ed. Elementary '22

Having earned my undergraduate degree at King's in 2020, working towards my after degree in elementary education has been a perfect next step. The most important thing that I have learned from my time…

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Matthew Martin

Matthew Martin, B.Ed. Secondary '22

It is my dream to become a teacher and to work with children and help them learn and develop into responsible humans. Since the first time I started coaching and teaching young children, it has been a…

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Juliana Middel

Juliana Middel, B.Ed. Secondary ‘22

The Education Program at King's does not only teach you how to teach students; the professors address overarching questions of worldview and what it means to be human. These questions are crucial for…

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Kyla Dykema

Kyla Dykema, Elementary Teacher

The neighbourhood that my school is located in means the majority of my students come into my classroom with behavioural issues, difficult home lives, cognitive delays, autism, or are refugees just beginning…

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Dr. Margie Patrick

Dr. Margie Patrick, Religion in Canadian Classrooms

In a previous career, I served as a high school social studies teacher; a subject in which, among other things, students study how and why people and societies live as they do, how the past, present and…

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Joy Pruden

Joy Pruden, Teacher

My experience at King's was life giving during a very vulnerable time in my life. Although I did not have the terminology at the time, I arrived at King's when I was just beginning to discover the struggles…

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Travis Chabot

Travis Chabot, B.Ed. Secondary '22

I chose King's because I wanted to learn in a school where my faith and relationship with God can be an active part of everything I do. This includes not only my education in the classroom, my assignments,…

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