Student Refugee Program

The King’s University is partnering with World University Service Canada (WUSC) to sponsor refugee students through the Student Refugee Program (SRP). The arrival of a first student from a refugee camp is anticipated for this August, in time for the 2023/24 academic year.

King’s has already committed $27,329 in institutional sponsorship funds and is joining with King's Students' Association, Micah Action and Awareness student club, and our campus community to meet the tangible needs of this first-year student.

You are invited to join in this sponsorship opportunity, too! See the list of needs, and how you can make a difference, below. Our fundraising team welcomes the opportunity to meet with you in person, and looks forward to sharing the success of this story for years to come.

King's is grateful to have the opportunity to walk alongside student newcomers to Canada and are glad to share this journey with you.

Support refugee students at King's.

Your donation to WUSC at King's allows us to sponsor more refugee students, equipping them with food, housing, community supports, and a university degree.

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World University Service Canada

WUSC is a Canadian non-profit founded in 1939 with the goal of providing better opportunities to young people globally. Learn more about the student refugee program, and about WUSC, today.

King’s is joining 100+ universities across Canada, building on an endeavor that began in 1939. Post-war Europe had an abundance of university students who were no longer able to return home to finish their studies. They became refugees. A group of faculty, staff, and students at the University of Toronto created a way to fill this need, sponsoring the first university refugee students in Canada. Since 1978, the SRP has assisted over 2,100 highly motivated, university-bound students from 39 countries of origin, of whom 90% complete their degrees, paying their own way after their first year of sponsorship.

Your support will cover:

Dorm Room Welcome Items $365
Groceries $1,425
Monthly Personal Expenses $2,100
Clothing Gift Cards $380
Emergency Fund $1,00
Books, School Supplies $1,300
Computer $750
SRP WUSC Fee $2,000
Lab Fees, Campus Sports Teams, etc. $800
Arrival Travel Loan Repayment $1,375
Transition Fund $1,625
International Forum $1,000
Cell Phone and Plan $900
TOTAL: $15,020

King's will cover:

Dorm (Academic Year) $3,800
Dorm (Summer Break) $2,248
Dorm (Christmas Break) $400
Cafeteria Meal Plan $4,404
Tuition (Full Course Load) $15,477
Student Fees $1,615
Orientation Fee $160
Healthcare Plan $310
Buss Pass $420
Clothing Gift Cards $270
TOTAL: $27,329