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PHYS 241 - Mechanics

Kinematics, particle dynamics, work and energy, linear momentum, rotational kinematics, rotational dynamics, equilibrium of rigid bodies.

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PHYS 243 - Wave Motion and Electricity

A calculus based course concerned with gravitational fields and potentials, oscillations and wave motion including an introduction to Wave Mechanics and Quantum Theory.

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PHYS 300 - Introduction to Electromagnetism and Physical Optics

A first course in electricity and magnetism with emphasis on the electric and magnetic properties of matter, development of the Biot-Savart Law, Ampere's Law and the laws of magnetic induction. Course will introduce Maxwell's equations and conclude with an application of these ideas to physical optics. The rudimentary ideas of vector calculus will be developed in the weekly seminar accompanying this course.

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PHYS 395 - God, Physics and the Human Prospect

This course is intended for students in their senior year of study and will focus on the dialogue between scientific and other ways of knowing. Topics will be drawn from Physics, Theology and Sociology that will illuminate such motivating questions as 1) How can Science and Theology engage in a conversation of mutual understanding and transformation? 2) How, or in what ways, has science changed our ideas about what it means to be human? and 3) Given these changes, how then ought we to live our lives?

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PHYS 399 - Special Topics In Physics

A course on a topic or figure of special interest to a member of the physics faculty and offered on a non-recurring basis.

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PHYS 499 - Directed Studies in Physics

This course gives an opportunity to do intensive study of some area of physics of particular interest to the student. Students work closely with a member of the physics faculty in tutorials. Students must apply in advance for directed studies to the faculty member involved.

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