Course List

ARTH 200 - The Story of Art: An Introduction to Art History I

Art history 200 introduces the visual art and architecture of early world civilizations until the Late Medieval period (14th century). Students discover artistic trends through time and across various cultures, learning to "read" and interpret the visual arts. The focus is on Western art and architecture's roots in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome through to the Middle Ages in Western Europe, but students will also see art of non-Western cultures, including but not limited to India, China, Japan, Africa, and the Middle East. By examining world cultures, students appreciate the histories, beliefs, and artistic productions of each culture individually, while forming an over-arching understanding of the meaningful contributions each makes to the discipline of art history as a whole.

ARTH 201 - The Story of Art: An Introduction to Art History II

Art History 201, a continuation of Art History 200, starts with the traditional transition in Western art, the Late Medieval period to the "rebirth" of art (as claimed by the artists of that time) in The Renaissance, and continues to art of the present day. The language of art is further developed and students will learn some keys to decoding that language. As with Art History 200, Western art and architecture will receive the greatest focus, however, non-Western cultural productions from the Late Medieval period to the present day will also be explored. Such cultures may include India, China, Japan, Africa, and indigenous arts of North America. The exploration of non-Western world cultural productions alongside those of Western cultures informs students of their continuing interactions throughout history, allowing them to form a more integrated world view.

ARTS 210 - Mixed Media

This studio course explores the principles of three-dimensional design, and develops skills in a variety of media and techniques: papier mache, assemblage, carving and modelling in various materials, and scale maquette. A wide range of painting and finishing techniques are employed. The use of found and recycled materials is emphasized. Students are expected to invest about $25.00 in their basic tools. Materials are provided.

ARTS 211 - Illustration

This studio course explores the principles of two-dimensional design and develops skills in a variety of media and techniques. The final project - the complete design and illustration of a handmade storybook - is approached through weekly exercises in aspects of page design and illustration, including composition, typography, drawing in pencil and in ink, painting in water colours and in acrylics, simple printmaking, and collage. Students are required to purchase materials and equipment for this course, estimated at $50.00.

ARTS 398 - Individual Projects in Visual Arts

This course provides an opportunity to do more advanced and independent work in a visual art medium chosen by the student. The student will work closely with a member of the visual art faculty in setting the goals of the project, and be mentored by that faculty member through to project completion-normally public exhibition. Students should apply early to the co-operating faculty member and present a portfolio of visual artwork.

ARTS 399 - Special Topics in Studio Art

A course on a topic or figure of special interest to a member of the studio arts faculty and offered on a non-recurring basis.