The Financial Accounting Micro-credential consists of six online modules, known as micro-courses, that explore the preparation and reporting of financial information. Participants will learn to examine and interpret financial statements in order to assess an organization's financial standing and potential for success. The program also explores assumptions and conventions underlying the preparation of financial statements and accounting practices in general, while providing an awareness of Christian stewardship, ethical practices, and good internal controls.

This micro-credential is a good fit for staff, association members, board members, volunteers, etc. looking to build proficiency in preparing, reading, and interpreting financial statements.

Students who complete the Financial Accounting Micro-credential will receive credit for BUSI 253 - Introduction to Financial Accounting if they apply to one of our degree programs.

Inside this program

  • Micro-course 1: Purpose and use of financial statements
  • Micro-course 2: Accounting information systems, accrual accounting, and merchandising operations
  • Micro-course 3: Reporting and analyzing inventory, cash and receivables
  • Micro-course 4: Reporting and analyzing long-lived assets and investments
  • Micro-course 5: Reporting and analyzing liabilities and shareholder equity
  • Micro-course 6: Statement of cash flows

(approx. 36 hours of course work and instructional time)

Micro-credentials at King's

Micro-credentials are short, modular programs enabling participants to acquire competencies quickly. They can also be used to demonstrate capabilities to employers. Courses are delivered online, unless otherwise indicated, and can be completed at your own pace with instructors available for assistance and input.


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