Academic Advising and Support

Academic Advising and Course Selection

King's provides academic advising to assist students with course and program selection. Each incoming student is assigned an Admissions Officer and a faculty advisor. The Admissions Officer is there to assist in choosing courses during the first year of studies. After their first year at King’s, a student's faculty advisor provides answers if they have specific questions about their program or course selection.

If a faculty advisor is unavailable or unable to answer their questions, students may visit Nelson Wiebe, Academic Advising Coordinator. Additionally, questions about transfer credit or taking courses at other institutions should go directly to the Academic Advising Coordinator. All forms related to course prerequisites, program exceptions, program changes, and course permissions can be found at the Registration and Student Finance Office.

Advisor Reports

Each student has a program specific advisor report available to them through their CrossRoad Online Services. The advisor report is found under the registration tab and should be reviewed for assistance with program requirements and course selection. The advisor report should be reviewed prior to reaching out to any advising resource as it can answer many course related questions.

Learning Services

Our learning services team equips students with the support they need to thrive in their classes, labs, and assignments.  The goal of the team is to create success for the entire King’s community as life-long learners.

Learning Specialists

Learning specialists are available to provide and direct specialized student support. Each specialist will work with students individually or in groups to help identify ways students may improve academically. As students learn to adjust to university life, students will be provided tools and resources to help them succeed through their academic endeavors. Navigating and being mindful of the unique skills and challenges that may be faced by mature students, students with disabilities, Indigenous students, international students, and ESL students is also of importance to the available learning specialists.

Group Tutoring

Group tutoring is offered by the Biology, Chemistry, and Math departments. Work through assignments or specific problems with the help of your peers and instructors. Contact your instructor for details.