IS Conference

This fall, the Interdisciplinary Studies conference (September 21-22) focused on the theme “What’s Love Got to Do with It? Getting to the Heart of What You Want,” and featured keynotes by King's newly arrived Associate Professor of Philosophy, Neal DeRoo.

What do you really want? How do you think what you’re doing at this university will help you get it? The answer to these questions is ultimately a “faith” answer—not because it will somehow show you what you really believe, but because faith isn’t primarily about what you believe.

We are all driven by a deep-seated desire for something at our core —a comfortable middle-class lifestyle, fulfilling work, a sense of safety and security, some element of control over our lives. Our smaller, everyday desires are driven by deeper desires, which are themselves driven by deeper desires, all the way down to one basic, overarching desire. This ultimate desire—this basic love—shapes everything that we do with our lives. Perhaps nothing is more important for us than to know what we want—what we really, really want.

Join us as we unpack some ways to consider all of what we do at King’s as being about learning to tune our hearts to “love rightly” in everything we do—across all disciplines of life and into every corner of creation.

Read more of Neal’s articles at, an online publication of the Andreas Center for Reformed Scholarship and Service. Neal is the founding editor of “In All Things” and is a regular contributor.

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I.S. Conference

The Interdisciplinary Studies Conference is a two-day course each semester. I.S. is a practical way for students to begin to see where different academic disciplines  intersect. Dynamic speakers have challenged the King's community to think critically about issues such as the Alberta oil sands, homelessness, and  local and sustainable food production. Students attend workshops and breakout sessions then write a reflective essay on their experience.

Each I.S. Conference carries 0.5 credit weight, and students complete 3 credits in their degree.

Who Should Attend?

  • Students wanting to graduate from King's. In order to graduate you need 3 credits of I.S.
  • Everyone who wants to be illuminated, exhilarated, and inspired. The conference is open to the public.

If you are a full-time student (not in the B.Ed. after-degree program) taking three or more courses, you must attend and should already be registered for the I.S. conference.

What Do I Need to Do?

  1. Registration you should be automatically registered for the course – this applies to all full-time students who have not yet earned 3.0 credits in INST.  BUT, you must also enroll for the conference by visiting the registration table which will be set up by the cafeteria the Tuesday before the conference from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

  2. Invite your friends or coworkers to join us at the conference.
  3. Attend the two-day conference.
  4. King's students need to complete the assignment that will be distributed at the conference.