Study a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy at King's

A central task of philosophy is to criticize and examine in order to discover truth. Philosophy students at King's dig into valid and invalid forms of reasoning, seek to understand major developments in the history of Western political thought, wrestle with the theory of knowledge and much more.

How do the ethical and aesthetic problems in the environment affect us as humans? How did St. Augustine in Medieval times think about divinity, or the integration of faith and reason? What can be gleaned from Nietzsche's discussion of the causes and consequences of Nihilism? These are the kind of questions students ask as they examine the nature of humankind.

Philosophy Program Highlights

  • Journey through centuries of human thought, reasoning and wisdom
  • Examine how philosophy is woven into all human experiences
  • Unpack works from scholars and philosophers throughout centuries of Classical and Modern thought
  • Discover how philosophy has contributed to the development of human culture and society
  • Thoughtfully examine life in relation to faith and every area of study and inquiry
  • Challenge yourself and others with thoughtful questions. Discuss and debate perspectives and theories with your friends, professors and classmates

    Careers & Graduate Programs

  • Classics
  • Editorial Assisting
  • Ethics
  • International Relations
  • Journalism
  • Paralegals
  • Politics
  • Seminary
  • Theoretical Linguistics
Admission Requirements