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A central task of philosophy is to critique and examine ideas in order to arrive at truth. Dig into valid and invalid forms of reasoning, study major developments in the history of Western thought, and wrestle with what it means to "be."

Inside this program

Journey Through Centuries Of Human Thought

Philosophy is woven into all of human experience. Examine reasoning and wisdom while unpacking works from scholars and philosophers throughout centuries of Classical and Modern thought.

Discover Philosophy's Contributions To Culture And Society

How do ethical and aesthetic problems affect us? Philosophy has developed alongside human civilization and philosophers have been central to radical social changes. As a philosophy student, you will thoughtfully examine the nature of humankind in relation to every area of study and inquiry.

Learn By Doing

We'll tell you all about philosophy, its history and thought leaders, but philosophy is best explored by practicing it. Challenge your assumptions with thoughtful questions and debate perspectives and theories with professors and classmates.

Research Profiles

Dudiak, Jeffrey. "Radicalizing Spirit: The Challenge of Contemporary Quakerism." Friends United Press, 2015.

Drawing on Quaker history, the Bible, philosophy, and his own experience among Friends, Dudiak advocates thinking the relationship between Quakerism and Christianity in parallel with the relationship Jesus took with respect to Judaism, that is, as an attempt at “fulfillment,” which requires both fidelity and transgression.

Dudiak, Jeffrey. "The Intrigue of Ethics: A Reading of the Idea of Discourse in the Thought of Emmanuel Levinas (Perspectives in Continental Philosophy)". 1st ed., Fordham University Press, 2001.

The Intrigue of Ethics: A Reading of the Idea of Discourse in the Thought of Emmanuel Levinas explains how human beings can live more peacefully with one another by understanding the conditions of possibility for dialogue. Philosophically, this challenge is articulated as the problem of: how dialogue as dia-logos is possible when the shared logos is precisely that which is in question.

Dudiak, Jeffrey. "Post-Truth? Facts and Faithfulness." Wipf and Stock, 2022.

In Post-Truth? Facts and Faithfulness, Jeffrey Dudiak explores the fissures and fractures that vex our so-called “post-truth” era, searching for a deeper, dare we say truer, understanding of the cultural forces that have led North American society to become so polarized.

Biswal, R., Sinclair A.J. and Spaling, H. 2023. "Moving to next generation community-based environmental assessment." Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal. Published online 2023-08-04.

Undertaking environmental assessments for small, rural development projects has proven to be both vexing and essential. Our research considers one approach to assessing such projects, community-based environmental assessment (CBEA). The purpose of our work was to gauge current CBEA practice and consider next generation approaches in the face of challenges such as lack of adequate capacity, resource and power imbalances, achieving meaningful participation, narrow conceptions of sustainability, and weak follow-up and monitoring.

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