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Study Your Minor in Geography at King's

The geography minor at King's provides insight on how physical geography affects human activity by focusing on physical and human landscapes on a number of scales.
Athabasca glacier fall field study

Geographers attempt to understand the spatial location and movement of physical and human features on the earth’s surface by asking such fundamental questions as "Where is it?" "Why is it there?" and "How does it relate to other locations?"  It is especially interested in how physical phenomena (climate, rivers, coastlines) affect human activities and how humans modify the earth’s surface (cities, agriculture, dams).  The focus is on understanding the spatial organization and spatial relationships that underlie the physical and human landscapes at local, regional and global scales.

Geography programs offered at King's

Available as a major

  • Currently Not Available

Available as a minor

  • 3-Year Bachelor of Arts
  • 4-Year Bachelor of Arts
  • 4-Year Bachelor of Commerce
  • 4-Year Bachelor of Music
  • 4-Year Bachelor of Science
    A minor is not available in the B.A. or B.Sc. in Environmental Studies programs or in B.Ed. program

Fall Program start date
Sep 5, 2017

Fall Application Deadline
Aug 15, 2017

Winter Program start date
Jan 4, 2018

Winter Application Deadline
Dec 1, 2017

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