Study Christianity & Culture at The King's University

What does it mean to be a Christian in today's culture? Is Christianity—the religion—still important, or is it enough to simply believe in God and live a good life?

The Christianity and Culture minor explores these ideas and more as it seeks to place the Christian religion within its larger context. Studying subjects in theology, philosophy and history offers students a better understanding of how Christianity has slowly evolved and changed over the the centuries. Topics in world religions, contemporary theology and Christian social and political movements explore how Christians engage with, and are understood by, the world around them.

The Christianity and Culture minor is an excellent choice for students looking to enter ministry or Christian non-profit work upon graduation, but it is also an excellent program for any student looking to better understand the role Christianity plays in our world and what being a Christian ought to look and feel like today.

Christianity & Culture Program Highlights

  • Develop skills and knowledge that equip you to be a Christian who engages Western culture
  • Encounter Christianity’s past and present through a variety of approaches, including music, theology, sociology, politics, philosophy, history, literature and journalism
  • Foster an understanding of the foundational beliefs of other world religions and how Christians might understand and interact with other faith groups
  • Use a Christian theological approach to understand various types of biblical literature and how it relates to evil, politics, science, ethics, etc.
  • Become a more engaged and empathetic child of God who can approach a wide range of worldviews, topics and people with love and compassion

Christianity & Culture Program Options

Available as a minor

  • 3-year Bachelor of Arts
  • 3-year Bachelor of Science
  • 4-year Bachelor of Arts
  • 4-year Bachelor of Commerce
  • 4-year Bachelor of Music
  • 4-year Bachelor of Science

    Careers & Graduate Programs

  • Pastor
  • Teaching
  • Worship Directing
  • Worship Leadership
  • Youth Pastor
  • Youth Worker
Admission Requirements