Study a minor in Economics at King's

We participate in economic systems every day. In Canada and around the world, we face important economic issues such as poverty, unemployment, and environmental degradation. Studying economics empowers us to make responsible choices and find solutions for systems that are unjust or out of balance.

Inside this program

Think Globally

Gain insights into the global economy and the institutions and systems that support it. Consider how social, political, and environmental issues connect back to economic realities, and imagine possibilities for alternative models and systems.

Discover How You Fit

Big-picture economic phenomena not only affect national governments and large corporations but how you participate in the marketplace too. Studying economics makes it clear that it's important to approach our own financial activity with care, love, and intention.

Work For Justice and Renewal

Consider how social, political, and environmental issues are intertwined with economic activity. Just as economic systems can be oppressive or harmful, they can also promote justice, peace, and the integrity of creation.

Research Profiles

Kits, Gerda J. 2019. "Why Educating for Shalom Requires Decolonization." International Journal of Christianity and Education 23(2): 185-203.

Indigenous scholars argue that reconciliation requires educators to make space for Indigenous perspectives in the curriculum. This paper agrees, arguing that Christians who are committed to Wolterstorff’s concept of “educating for shalom” must work towards decolonization of the educational system.

Kits, Gerda, Roy Berkenbosch, and Joanne Moyer. 2021. "Cultivating Hope in the Christian University Classroom." International Journal of Christianity and Education 25(1)

Today’s post-secondary students struggle with increasing depression and anxiety, in part influenced by the troubling state of the world. Our students desperately need hope; yet too often, their university classes diminish rather than increase hope. Drawing on the work of diverse scholars and educators, this paper lays out a theological framework for hope and uses it to outline orientations and practices for the classroom that equip students to live faithfully into that hope.

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