Study Social Science at King's

Being an agent of hope and renewal requires exposure to a wide variety of disciplines. By exploring such topics as public health, non-discriminatory economic systems, and human psychology, social science students develop well-rounded perspectives about societal structures and challenges.

Inside this program

Enjoy Program Variety And Flexibility

As a social science student, you'll choose from a wide breadth of courses and interests. This concentration draws on economics, political science, sociology, psychology, geography, education, and history.

Understand The World Around You

Make decisions that more accurately reflect your faith and beliefs about the world. In social science, you'll seek to recognize relationships between theory and real-world social realities while unpacking root causes of chronic concerns such as poverty and inequality.

Prepare For Your Career

Social science is excellent preparation for careers in human services and any organization that seeks social justice. The flexibility of this program also makes it a good fit for fulfilling the teachable major and minor requirements for an after-degree in elementary or secondary education.

Next Steps

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