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Minor in Mathematics at King's

Delve into the beautiful intricacies of mathematics. Spend some time pondering the rich algebraic and geometric patterns that have fascinated humanity for millennia.

Students in King's mathematics minor explore the abstraction of pure mathematics with its rich interconnected structures. We dig deep into the great questions of mathematics: what are all these sets, numbers and functions; where did they come from; and how and why do they fit together in so many ways?

Students in the mathematics minor also investigate how mathematics relates to many academic disciplines through mathematical models. Consider population models in mathematical biology, asset and resource development models in business and finance, information processing in computing science, or sound production in music.

Mathematics Program Highlights

  • Improve skills in abstract thinking, logical reasoning, problem-solving and numeracy
  • Discover various ways mathematical ideas and structures can help to understand and describe creation and society
  • Learn to help others appreciate math by pursuing a teachable major in preparation for King's after-degree in Secondary Education
  • Study the logic of patterns found in nature, music theory, language, games and human behaviour
  • Engage in a variety of mathematics courses from diverse topics
  • Pursue a particular mathematical interest through directed study

Chanelle Porter, Junior High Teacher

Chanelle Porter

"Being a student at King's gave me the opportunity to grow academically, establish myself in my faith and become rooted in a lifelong community while pursuing my career goals. I gained the practical skills I needed to do this at King's and now I get to pursue my passions daily."

    Careers & Graduate Programs

  • Education
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • Law
  • Mathematical Modelling
  • Medicine
  • Music
  • Researching
  • Teaching
Admission Requirements