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Study Chemistry at King's

Chemistry is about creativity. Chemists design and create new molecules and explore their properties and reactivities. Putting this creative knowledge to work, chemists team up with biologists, pharmacologists, engineers, material scientists and environmental professionals to reveal the secrets of life’s building blocks.

The program lets students come to a deeper understanding of the molecular world so they can engage with molecules to bring healing to a damaged and hurting world. Learn how to describe, visualize, interact with and appreciate the molecular world from leading professors in the field and conduct extensive laboratory research projects.

King's four-year chemistry program is nationally accredited by the Chemical Institute of Canada and, after work experience, can lead to designation in Alberta as a Professional Chemist (P.Chem.).

Chemistry Program Highlights

  • Obtain hands-on experience with laboratory tools, software and procedures used by practicing industry professionals
  • Develop mathematical skills and problem-solving abilities
  • Participate in field trips and laboratory experiments as you learn how to synthesize, bond, and create from the building blocks of God's design
  • Learn and work alongside award-winning professors who are committed to your success
  • Prepare for future careers and graduate study through an experiential, research-filled program
  • Immerse yourself in the molecular as you learn to describe, visualize and interact with it
  • Cultivate a fuller appreciation of how subatomic particles reveal the fingerprints of our Creator


Chemistry students and faculty enjoy fully serviced classrooms and research laboratories. Laboratories include the following:

  • Two 24-station fully serviced chemistry labs
  • Research project lab
  • Instrument and research lab
  • Science machine shop


Highly specialized instruments and equipment such as a Cary 50 UV-Vis spectrophotometer, the Nicolet Impact 400 FTIR spectrometer, the Varian SpectraAA 55 atomic absorption spectrometer, and much more are all available for student use.

Scientific Visualization

Chemistry faculty and students are actively involved in research at the King’s Centre for Visualization in Science (KCVS.) This multi-award winning centre is dedicated to producing digital learning tools that help others understand key chemistry concepts and the role of chemistry in tackling real-world concerns such as climate change.

Anjalee Wijewardane, B.Sc. Chemistry ‘22

Anjalee Wijewardane

The Chemistry department at King’s is very tight-knit. I have been able to form close relationships with professors who care about their students’ academic, personal, and spiritual lives. I love the community at King’s; being an international student, the community helped me adjust to and embrace Canada. I have made life-long relationships and met friends I can walk towards Christ with. "I’ve come to realize that I really enjoy working in the lab, learning about research…

Dr. Kris Ooms, Back Pain and Spinal Disc Tissue Degeneration

Dr. Kris Ooms

Back pain is one of the most common chronic conditions in western society.  While pain is often caused by injury, degeneration of spinal disc tissue can also be a major contributing factor.  Degeneration of spinal disc tissue occurs when the molecular structure of the spinal disc changes with age. This leads to disc compression and greater structural rigidity.  While treatments are being developed, diagnostic techniques to identify early stage degeneration are quite limited. …

Nathan Flim, Distillery Owner

Nathan Flim

I found that the Chemistry program at King’s was the perfect blend of analytic and soft skills. Not only did I learn how to keep an accurate lab journal, I learned how to give an informative and engaging presentation. I always appreciated that we didn't simply learn how to do things, we also learned why we do them. "I use all of these skills in my day-to-day life and attribute a lot of my confidence to my time at King's, where I was able to ask questions and speak in front of…

Dr. Peter Mahaffy, Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Peter Mahaffy

Air quality matters! Globally, 7 million premature deaths each year result from air pollution (World Health Organization, 2012). Recent air quality events, such as forest fires, emphasize that this is also an important issue for Albertans. This project was a contribution to a collaboration between the King’s Centre for Visualization in Science (KCVS) and TELUS World of Science Edmonton (TWOSE) to equip teachers and students to carry out air quality measurements in rural Alberta contexts. The…

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  • Dentistry
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  • Optometry
  • Pharmacy
  • Professional Chemistry
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  • Toxicology
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