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Earn your minor in Canadian Studies at King's

King's minor program in Canadian Studies provides students with a well rounded selection of courses pertaining to Canadian society, culture, politics, history and economics. The minor introduces students to the deeper undercurrents and driving forces behind our current life in Canada such as federalism, colonialism and the country's incredibly diverse landscape. The program also introduces students to some of the ongoing challenges facing Canada, the nation's distinct pluralist culture and traditions, short yet rich history, and the privileges and responsibilities enjoyed by those living here today.

The Canadian Studies minor is the perfect compliment to any degree program—particularly for students looking to secure employment in public life, or business in the profit and not-for-profit sectors.

Canadian Studies Program Highlights

  • Advocate for justice in Canada's present by exploring the country’s past
  • Unpack the impact colonialism has had on forming the Canada we know today
  • Become a more engaged Treaty person by building a strong foundation of knowledge that will equip you to actively support and participate in reconciliation
  • Develop a deeper understanding of how Canadians connect and interact with the natural world and with each other
  • Cultivate an understanding of political and economic systems that engage issues of nationalism, marginalization, poverty, as well as race and ethnic diversity

Canadian Studies Program Options

Available as a minor

  • 3-year Bachelor of Arts
  • 3-year Bachelor of Science
  • 4-year Bachelor of Arts
  • 4-year Bachelor of Commerce
  • 4-year Bachelor of Music
  • 4-year Bachelor of Science