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Study a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at King's

The Psychology degree at King's critically engages in the assumptions of human nature through exploring personal motivation, cognition, behavioral and mental challenges, and society.

"And men go abroad to admire the height of the mountains, the mighty waves of the sea, the broad tides of the rivers, the compass of the ocean, and the circuits of the stars, and yet pass over the mystery of themselves without a thought." -St. Augustine

Psychology studies what motivates people to do the things they do and how society affects human thought, learning, and action. Students learn to critically engage assumptions about human nature and understand how these assumptions are important in our modern world and in the light of Christian faith.

Explore cognition and the activities of the mind and examine how physical disorders in the structural and chemical make-up of the brain can lead to behavioural and mental illness challenges. This degree is an excellent choice for those who want to enter professional programs such as law and education.

Psychology Program Highlights

  • Learn to use and evaluate psychological research through one-on-one time and classroom instruction.
  • Apply psychology practically through lab exercises, field trips, and volunteering.
  • Participate in field research as part of King's Community Engaged Research program.
  • Learn to understand the principles and of human perception and development.
  • Be introduced to research methods and take part in opportunities for student research.
  • Discover how to use psychology to make a difference in the world, and how you can make a difference in psychology.

Psychology Program Options

Available as a major:

  • 4-Year Bachelor of Arts

Available as a concentration:

  • 3-Year Bachelor of Arts
  • 4-Year Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies

Available as a minor

  • 4-Year Bachelor of Arts
  • 4-Year Bachelor of Commerce
  • 4-Year Bachelor of Music
  • 4-Year Bachelor of Science

Fall Program start date
September 2020

Fall Application Deadline
August 15, 2020

Winter Program start date
January 7, 2019

Winter Application Deadline
December 15, 2019

Apply for Psychology
Admission Requirements

    Our Psychology grads get jobs as:

  • Advice Workers
  • Case Managers
  • Child Care Workers
  • Psychology Lab Assistants
  • Social Service Specialists

    Our Psychology grads go on to study:

  • Education
  • Guidance Counselling
  • Marriage and Family Counselling
  • Mental Health Counselling
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
Psychology Faculty