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Study Political Science at King's

The political science degree at King's studies the governance of public communities and examines the individual roles within the political system.

Political Science studies the governance of public communities. The program focuses on political institutions such as the state, executive, courts and legislatures, and it examines the role of citizens, public officials, interest groups, and political parties within the political system as a whole.

For more information about Political Science, visit our Politics-History-Economics page.

King's offers a multidisciplinary 4-year Bachelor of Arts in Politics-History-Economics, as well as a concentration in Economics and Politics in the 4-year Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies. We also offer a minor in Political Science.

Political Science programs at King's

Available as a major

  • 4-Year Bachelor of Arts in Politics, History & Economics

Available as a concentration

  • 4-Year Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies (Economics and Politics concentration)

Available as a minor

  • BA (excluding 3-Year SSCI major or 4-Year PHES major)
  • B.Com.
  • B.Mus.
  • 4-Year B.Sc.(BIOL & CMPT majors)

Fall Program start date
Sep 4, 2018

Fall Application Deadline
Aug 15, 2018

Winter Program start date
Jan 4, 2018

Winter Application Deadline
Dec 1, 2017

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    Potential Careers

  • Court Worker
  • Criminologist
  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • Lawyer
  • Political Scientist/ Lobbyist
  • Public Policy
Political Science Faculty