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Study a Bachelor of Arts in English at King's

The english degree at King's analyzes stories, conventions, and writers to uncover the importance and beauty of language. Study english to gain practical communication skills for future careers.
Original text from Beowulf - old English epic poem written between 975 - 1025 AD.

English provides a foundation in reading, analysis, and self-expression that make meaningful action possible in all walks of life. We are committed to our Christian worldview: if we want to transform the world, we have to begin by transforming our minds. To build compassion and understanding, we must learn to communicate with others. Literary studies enable us to do all of these things.

Business, journalism, political service, public relations, teaching: English studies lay the foundation for jobs in both public and private sectors. English studies teach you how to read circumstances and people, to place the stories of the day in the wider context of culture's greatest stories. Whether you become a lawyer or technical writer, a businessperson or journalist, a politician or academic, a degree in English prepares you to read critically and to write with clarity and energy. As Percy Bysshe Shelley once argued, poets (and, may we add, English majors) are the "unacknowledged legislators of the world." In other words, stories have power.

Studies in English allow you to learn how to use language with effective precision. This makes an English degree an incredibly practical tool for future careers.

English programs at King's

Available as a major:

  • 4-Year Bachelor of Arts

Available as a concentration:

  • 3-Year Bachelor of Arts
  • 4-Year Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies

Available as a minor

  • B.A. B.Com., B.Mus., 4-Year B.Sc.(BIOL & CMPT majors)

Fall Program start date
September 4, 2018

Fall Application Deadline
August 15, 2018

Winter Program start date
January 4, 2018

Winter Application Deadline
December 15, 2018

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Admission Requirements

    Potential Careers

  • Author
  • Grant Writer
  • Journalist
  • Speech Therapist
  • Teacher
  • Technical Writer
English Faculty