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Study a Bachelor of Arts in Theology at King's

Perhaps you've never thought of yourself as a theologian, but you've probably had questions about who or what God is and the role of the Christian faith in the 21st century. Theology seeks to answer these questions at their most fundamental level.

Study the theological resources which have shaped the Christian church over time. Courses in theology introduce students to the rich variety and depth of literature found in scripture, and students learn to depict a more accurate vision of God, God's Kingdom, creation, and human beings while dealing with current ethical, political, and religious realities.

Theology Program Highlights

  • Grow to understand the truth and meaning of the Christian gospel in today's complex and confusing world.
  • Learn new ways of examining biblical literature and refine your ability to interpret scripture.
  • Apply biblical wisdom to personal and societal issues.
  • Be introduced to a variety of Christian literature and study various attempts of Christians to faithfully articulate Christian truth in life and thought.
  • Bring the Bible to life by studying its themes such as the old and new covenant, the vision of the apocalypse, the apostles, and Jesus' life on Earth.
  • Examine past and contemporary Christian theology. Compare and contrast Christianity with other world religions.
  • Study the nature of good and evil in relation to biblical literature.

Theology Program Options

Available as a concentration

Available as a minor

Program Profiles

Anna Boesenkool, B.A. Philosophy '20

Anna Boesenkool, B.A. Philosophy '20

I am beginning a PhD in Philosophy in September 2020. King's has certainly paved the way for me to pursue this avenue!  "Being at King's has encouraged me to engage deeply with the world around me.…

Fall Program start date
September 8, 2020

Fall Application Deadline
August 15, 2020

Winter Program start date
January 7, 2021

Winter Application Deadline
December 15, 2020

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Admission Requirements

    Our Theology grads get jobs as:

  • Authors
  • Bible Translators
  • Non Profit Organization Directors
  • Worship Leaders
  • Youth Pastors

    Our Theology grads go on to study:

  • Divinity
  • Education
  • History of Religions
  • Intercultural Theology
  • Marriage and Family Counselling
Theology Faculty