Frequently Asked Questions

Transcripts or T2202A tax form requests

The Office of Enrolment Management and Registrar is happy to assist you with ordering transcriptstax forms, degree parchment replacements, and more. You will need your student ID number to register your account via If you do not remember your student ID, email with your birth date and another piece of identifying information (e.g. SIN, postal code of your last home address). Once registered, you will find a variety of online tools to request specific items.

What does it mean to be King's alumni?

Being a part of our alumni community means that The King's University is a part of your identity. As a student, you learned the value of hard work through studies, that faith informs your worldview, and the importance of genuine relationships among your peers, professors, staff, and supporters of King's. The spirit and traditions at King's might be hard to articulate to others, but our alumni get it. Even though their time on campus is done, they continue as members of this community of thoughtful scholarship, joyful service, and passionate interaction with the world around us.

How long do you have to go to King’s to be part of its alumni?

You don't necessarily have to graduate from King's to be a part of the alumni community. If you completed a course at King's, you are an alumnus (male) or alumna (female). Alumni is the plural form, in case you were wondering.

I've gotten married, moved, had children, changed jobs...How do I update my information?

The Alumni Update Form is what you need. Take a few minutes to update your information.

Is Alumni Relations just a way of saying 'fundraising?'

No. We are interested in alumni relationshipsYou already built a relationship with King's through your professors, classmates, and the experiences you gained as a student. Our aim is to see that connection grow and reflect your new stage of life as alumni. It's no secret that King's relies on generous donors, and maybe someday you would like to contribute to its mission and vision, but that's not what Alumni Relations is all about.

I'd like to contact someone I knew at King's. Can you help?

Of course! We would be happy to help you connect with a long-lost friend from King's. Send your request to Attending our events and sharing your personal and professional accomplishments with us are other ways to meet fellow alumni or have old friends reach out to you.

I have a question that isn’t answered on the FAQ – now what?

Send an e-mail to We're here to answer your questions.