Athlete Recruitment

Do you want to become an Eagle? Check out our Academic Eligibility Requirements and fill out your information on the Player Recruitment Form so that the appropriate coach can contact you. We look forward to hearing from you! You can also refer to our coaches' directory for their contact information.

The deadline for applying for scholarships (merit-based) and bursaries (need based) is MARCH 31 if you want to get any financial aid for the upcoming year! (This is for ALL students--new and/or returning.)


2017 - 2018 Fall Tryout Dates

See below for the tryout dates for each sport:





Women's Soccer September 5 TBA King's Field
Men's Soccer September 5 TBA King's Field
Women's Basketball September 5 8:30-9:45pm King's Gymnasium
Men's Basketball September 5 7:15-8:30pm King's Gymnasium
Women's Volleyball September 5 6-7:15pm King's Gymnasium
Men's Volleyball September 5 4:45-6pm King's Gymnasium
Badminton September 5 9:45-11pm Kings Gymnasium