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5 Pancake Recipes for Shrove Tuesday

Feb 25, 2020

Today is Shrove Tuesday! For those of you who aren’t exactly sure what that means, let me take you on a journey back in time. Shrove Tuesday is the day that happens right before Ash Wednesday. The word Shrove comes from the old Middle English word “shriven”, which means this was a day where people would go to confess before Ash Wednesday.

Another word for this day is also Pancake Day! This also is an old English custom where people had to use up all the fattening ingredients they had in the house before Lent arrived to be ready to fast. Back then, most ingredients that people had in their houses were eggs and milk which was perfect to make an easy simple pancake recipe.

Pancake recipes have deliciously evolved over time in which it is more than just using eggs and milk! You can make pancakes that are vegan, chocolate pancakes, fruit pancakes… you name it! Shrove Tuesday was a must-post blog topic because we get to celebrate the tradition of this event but also have an excuse to have pancakes for breakfast or if you’re like me, breakfast for dinner!

British Shrove Pancakes
What’s a more fitting way than to start off a pancake recipe blog with a traditional British shrove recipe? I’ve learned that the traditional way to do it is to drizzle lemon juice with a sprinkle of sugar. Sounds absolutely amazing!

Tropical Almond Pancakes
Here we have a gluten-free pancake topped with various kinds of fruity fruits! Just the word tropical makes me want to try it out.

Maple Bacon Pancake Poppers
The shape and size of pancakes have also come a long way from the beginning of Shrove Tuesday’s time and now they pop! This is a very creative way to celebrate this pancake holiday.

Four-Ingredient Protein Pancakes
This next recipe is a full powerhouse packed with ingredients that will be sure to fill you up, and keep you satisfied and energetic! Check it out to see what those secret four ingredients are.

Banana Oatmeal Quinoa Pancakes
This pancake recipe is not only vegan, but it is one of those healthy but sweet options that will fill you up in no time.

Shrove Tuesday is such a fun event to celebrate and a day I wouldn’t mind using to try lots of pancake recipes. To find more about this delicious holiday, click here to access a link that gives so many great history points!

Happy baking!

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