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5 Ways to Start Practicing Simplicity as a Student

Jul 12, 2019

Hey everyone,

Today is national Simplicity day. Simplicity day is intended to commemorate the life of Henry David Thoreau, an American philosopher. Thoreau was an advocate for living a simple life. Nowadays living a simple life seems near impossible - especially as a student with a busy schedule. As most of us are on break for the summer it can be overwhelming to think of the best way to spend our time. While working to earn enough money to pay for tuition is certainly important, it’s equally important to use your break for yourself, to recharge. Simplicity day fits in perfectly with this. I’ve created a list of 5 ways we students can start practicing simplicity and slowing our busy lives down before we get back into classes.

  • Sit down and read a book you actually want to read - I know, seems redundant after eight months of studying and reading, who in their right mind wants to pick up a book now?! Think of a book that you’ve been meaning to read but got so busy with textbook readings. Take time to read and finish that book. After you’ve read it, donate it for someone else to enjoy!
  • Spend time outside… A LOT - While it’s warm and sunny and while you have time, take advantage of the beautiful weather. Walk or bike to work, go for a hike, or go swimming in a lake. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing just spend as much time outside as possible, I promise you won’t regret it.
  • Downsize your belongings - Whether it’s going through your clothes or old books, donate some of your old things you don’t need or use anymore. Being a student, moving in and out and packing your things is a constant, especially if you live on campus during the school year. Getting rid of some of your things will make you feel better about not having to pack as much when you go back to school.
  • Spend less time on your electronics - As a student you spend what feels like the entirety of eight months on your laptop. When you don’t have to be on your phone spend less time worrying about what’s happening on social media and be present with those in front of you.
  • Take in a moment - Take a minute and consciously sit back to take in what is happening around you. Whether it’s coffee with an old friend, sitting around a campfire with family, or reading in your bedroom. Take a minute to sit back and enjoy what you’re doing. So often we get caught up in the future and what needs to happen next, so make sure you enjoy the simple things that are happening around you right now, in the present.

Whatever you’re doing this summer, choose to challenge yourself and start living a simpler life. You might find that if you start practicing now, simple living will become a habit by the fall.

Happy Simplicity Day,

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