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Get Involved: Spring/Summer Volunteer Opportunities

May 07, 2019

It’s finally May! We’re into the summer break! Woohoo!

While you’re taking the next few months to earn some money and rest after another busy student year, consider getting involved in your community by taking on some volunteer roles! There are an abundance of opportunities throughout the city and in the area to get you outside and doing some good over the spring and summer.

  • City of Edmonton Opportunities
    The City website has a whole webpage devoted to connecting local do-gooders with open volunteer positions. From regularly taking your dog to an off-leash park to check up on it and be welcoming to other dog owners to stepping back in time and helping out around Fort Edmonton Park, there is a huge variety of options no matter where your interests lie!
  • Volunteer Alberta
    This is another website designed to connect you with available volunteer opportunities in the area. Use their VolunteerConnector to browse pages of options!
  • Summer Camps & Churches
    Did you ever attend a summer camp as a kid? All those weeks spent running around, doing archery, canoeing, and horseback riding with a bunch of strangers every summer was probably only made possible through volunteers and a handful of full-time summer staff! There are TONS of summer camps around Edmonton—or, if Edmonton isn’t your home and you’ll be elsewhere for the summer, I bet there are some near your home too! From Gull Lake to Birch Bay Ranch to Shiloh to Crowsnest Lake to Father’s House, there are lots of options.
    • Tip: When volunteering or working at a church summer camp, make sure your values align with the mission statement and work agreement of the institution itself. Read over them on the website before you apply! You don’t want to give your time to a place you can’t wholeheartedly stand behind.
  • Girl Guides
    Want to help girls learn new skills, make friends, and discover their potential? Volunteer with the Girl Guides once a week!

Work hard, rest well, and give some time to your community.

Enjoy your spring/summer break!


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