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Get Organized to get an A!

Sep 15, 2017

Hey, Students! 

Summer is over and we're back to the grind. It can be hard to go from sunshine central to the focused and studious individuals we all aspire to be. But get this--being organized can help you focus! Here are some awesome tips to help you get the A you want and deserve.

1. Have a planner 

This may seem like common sense to some, but if not, a planner can literally become your lifeline in university. There are always events happening around campus, little deadlines, big deadlines, coffee dates (these are important), and a million other things that go on every single week. A planner allows you to have all of these dates in one place that is clear and easy to read! Take that bad boy with you everywhere and you're set. Top Tip: The King's University Student Association gives out free student planners at the beginning of each year! 

2. Make lists 

The combination of to-do lists and a planner will turn you into an deadline-keeping, never-late superstar! Making a daily to-do list can keep you motivated while weekly and monthly lists help you see what's coming up and keep you prepared. #success

3. Stick to a schedule 

Try to wake up at a consistent time and go to bed at a regular hour each day. Sleep is important. Yes, there will be times there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day, but trust me when I say that without sleep, your grades will eventually begin to suffer! 

4. Be productive 

Try picking out your outfit the night before, packing your lunch, snacks, and backpack so the next morning will be organized and stress free. It's amazing how much a stressful morning can affect the rest of your day! Another way to be productive is figuring out what time of day you work best. I'm most productive around mid-morning but my roommate is way more productive late at night! Everybody is different, so figure out which one is going to help you most and stick to it! 

5. Clean, clean, clean! 

Having a clean space can help you so much when it comes to feeling and being organized. Clean up your desk before you start working, and it'll make studying way more enjoyable. Also, do a quick clean before bed! Toss the dirty clothes in your laundry hamper, hang up your towel, and put away any textbooks and loose papers. Waking up in a clean and organized space can make for a really enjoyable day even if it is a hectic one! 

These are just a few ways to stay organized, but there are so many more to choose from! Take some time to figure out what helps you stay calm during busy times and incorporate that into your studying. Good luck this year! 

xoxo, Gossip Girl 

J.k. It's Becky 

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