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Small Groups at King's

Dec 16, 2016

Hey there future students,

Are you interested in growing in your faith while at King's? A great way to get plugged into your faith life at King's is to join a small group. King's small groups are usually lead by student leaders known as Ministry Assistants (with the exception of the Monday Drop-In, which is lead by our Campus Minister Tim Wood). Every small group is unique: some do book studies, some just read the Word, and some just talk about life, but what they all have in common is that they all offer a safe environment for you to connect with different people from all over King's. Here's a sampling of what this year's small groups look like:

Monday Drop-Ins with Tim Wood

There's no need to prepare anything, you can come when you want and leave when you want when it comes to this group! We meet every Monday and read a short passage that Tim has selected for that week. Mostly the conversation leads itself, and the floor is open for you to talk about whatever is pressing on your heart.

Mark Chapter by Chapter with Jordan

Each week we read Mark together and talk about how Jesus is working in that passage, and how Mark specifically portrays Him as a servant leader. The environment of the group is really chill. Since we only do a chapter a week, there isn't any pressure to have read the section beforehand, but we get into really engaging conversations about the content and even about our lives in general.

God is the Gospel with Colborne

This group examines how God is the final and greatest gift of the gospel; He is what makes the gospel good news and allows us to enjoy all of His good gifts. However, this small group is not only about studying God's Word, but also building deep friendships.

Sabbath as Resistance with Cassandra

In this small group, we have enjoyed experimenting together in things such as simplicity, praying together and sharing our stories. Most of all, we just want to be there for each other as a community of friends walking through life.

King's Varsity Athletes Group with Henri

This group is for King's Varsity Athletes to come together to discuss God and our faith. We meet to talk about the meaning of scriptures, what it means to be a child of God as well as how we can glorify him in our sports and daily lives. It is also a group for developing great friendships with other King's athletes.

East of Eden with Heidi

This is a very small group with only three people and is pretty casual about meeting because of people's busy schedules. However, it has been awesome just being able to spend time together chatting and getting to know one another a little better and we're excited to continue in the next semester!

Surprised by Hope with Erin

Throughout the semester, in this group, we discussed different views about life after death. We also talked about all the problems going on and how as Christians we need to know how to hold onto hope, where to find our hope, and how we can spread hope.

The Reason for God with Kezia

This group dares to ask God all the hard questions and challenges those in the group to see God at work even in a world full of brokenness. We tackle these hard questions in community with each other, learning from one another, and growing together.

Small groups are different every year, so when you find yourself as a student at King's, make sure you check out what kind of small groups are running. Who knows, maybe you'll stumble into a great mini-community that's nutritious for your faith and connects you with great friends.

Stay Golden,


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