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One Thing I Wish I knew as a First Year

Sep 01, 2017

Hi there, future King's students! 

It is officially the beginning of a new semester and a new school year at The King's University. To kick off the first day, I put together an interview of current students and asked them one daring question: "What is one thing you wished you knew as a first year?" Let’s meet them and see what they think!


I am a second year, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology student, and I am working towards becoming a counsellor. When I was a first year student, I wish I had known how much I would miss cooking my own food. While it's really nice to have your food made by someone else and have it readily available, after you've tried everything on the menu you want to cook something new! I suggest bringing a mini fridge to residence so you can keep different food items in your room. This is also great for curbing those late-night studying-induced hunger pangs. 


I am a third year, Bachelor of Science in Biology student, and I hope to become a trauma surgeon. One thing I wish I knew as a first year student was to avoid pushing myself into having a full course load every semester. Sometimes pushing for five courses does more harm than good. My advice is to take four courses and balance two major courses with two foundation or elective courses. You can always catch up by taking spring or summer classes!


I am currently a second year, Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Sociology student, and I hope to go into the After-Education program and become a teacher. I currently live in Residence at King's, and as a first year student, I wish I knew how much I was going to miss my bed at home. The beds in residence are nice and comfortable but there will always be a place in my heart for home. So make sure to bring your favourite pillows and blankets to make your bed feel more homey and comfortable. 


I am currently a second year, Politics-History-Economics student, and I want to become a United Nations Diplomat. One thing I wish I knew as a first year living in Residence was to buy a vacuum! The carpets absorb everything--just like first-year students absorb everything in their introduction courses! ;) 

As for myself, I am currently a second year Bachelor of Arts in Psychology student, and I am aspiring to become an elementary teacher. One thing I wish I knew as a first-year commuter student was that there are two train track crossings on my drive to King's! If you're in a similar situation, I recommend you leave early and give yourself extra time to get to class!

Thank you to all the current students who took part in this interview. Hopefully this is useful as you start university.

Yours truly,


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