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3 Reasons Being a Commuter is Great

Sep 11, 2015

1. Being part of Communities

We all commute for many different reasons, but one thing in common is the fact that all of us have different commitments that involve us in things outside of King's. King's is an amazing community to be a part of, but as commuters we also recognize the importance of our other circles. Commuters have the unique ability to be involved in many areas. Whatever your reasons for living off campus, being a commuter means you have opportunities to explore different places.

2. Home Cooked Food

Nothing beats the deliciousness of a home cooked meal. Whether you live with your parents and you enjoy Mom’s tasty casseroles, or you get to be creative and experiment on your own - who knew there were so many kinds of Ramen noodles! - there is no doubt that home cooked meals are the best meals.

 3. And finally, the King’s Commuter Program

Kings is a special place, and the commuter programs are really amazing. Monday Musings, Wednesday Chill, and Last Day Lounge are just some of the ways that King's cares for its commuters (not to mention – free food!). In the end, we are all here because we want to be a part of the King’s family.

 What do you think? What makes being a commuter great? Have any stories? Feel free to share in the comments below.




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