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Connections & Commuters

Oct 09, 2015


If you ask students about what makes King's unique, most will say something about community. It’s one of the advantages of going to a small school, and it is both encouraging and sometimes a little intimidating, especially for commuters.

But what if that’s not the case for you? As commuters, it takes a lot more effort to become (and stay) connected. Maybe you went to orientation, or you signed up for a bunch of clubs. These are important first steps, but as midterms approach and due dates loom on the horizon it’s easy to slip into a routine and lose those connections.

Or maybe the experience of university was just too overwhelming at first, and you were so caught up with figuring out your classes that you might think you’ve missed the boat. You haven’t. Let me tell you something I have learned - especially for my fellow introverts out there - all it takes is a 'hello'.  It can be scary, yes, but it is ultimately so easy, and an important first step to making connections. Continue to make an effort and you will find that people here are pretty cool.

And of course, if you are looking to make connections, we invite you to our weekly and monthly events. Monday Musings, Wednesday Chill, and Last Day Lounge.Don't know what those are?  Check out the screens around campus, the commuter boards by the level and near the entrance to the North doors.  You should also make sure that you check your King's email regularly so you know what's going on.

We hope to see you at our next big event, the 'Harry Potter Mixer with Rez Students' on Wednesday 21st!   See you there!



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