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Green-It Kings & The Power of Student Action

Feb 26, 2016

This past week, you may have seen the Green-It Kings table outside of the cafeteria and you were probably wondering what it was all about. Green-it King's is an initiative started by the Enactus team to raise money for a "green fund" here at King's. In the future, this money can be used to install an electric car charger or even potentially some PV solar panels. 

It has been really inspiring to see the way that many clubs here at Kings have jumped on board, supporting this initiative all week. In just five days, students, commuters and those in residence as well as staff and faculty have raised almost $4000 to support the green fund. Coming off of the latest I.S. conference on climate change, I think the success of this project really makes it clear that the King's community want to see some action. The fact that we have taken the first step towards this is exciting, especially as we look to the future to see what more can be done.

So keep your eye out and even consider supporting future events and projects! As students, we have a vested interest in greening projects like these because, as the I.S. conference proved, our actions now are having a profound impact on the future. One of the things that makes King's such a great place is that we are willing to challenge ourselves and confront these issues beginning right here in our own community.

Thanks for all your support!

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