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Here comes the Winter!

Oct 25, 2016


Winter is coming so let's be prepared!

Here are some quick tips to survive this tough season.


  •   Always check the weather forecast before leaving the house.
  • You can't always avoid getting sick but you can try and stay healthy. Missing classes means more catching up so get good amounts of sleep and stay active.
  • Your skin is going to be a lot drier in the winter months so take extra care by using a good moisturizer. It can also help with static shocks.
  • Wear layers instead of one big jacket that you can't squeeze into your locker!
  • Make sure your car is prepped for winter. Stock it with a few useful items like cooking spray for frozen doors. Park facing east if you want to defrost your windshield.
  • Do you bus? Then try to figure out your bus schedules so that you prevent waiting in the cold.  Try the ETS "Live to Go" app.
  • There is a higher tendency to be Vitamin D deficient during the winter season so get some of those in your cabinet!
  • Bright colours absorb heat, especially black.
  • If the weather looks set to be particularly harsh then arrange to sleep over with one of your residence friends.
  • Get outside and breathe the fresh air even though it’s cold. Winter can be beautiful. 

Let's stay positive and let's stay warm!





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