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Need a study break?

Jan 29, 2016

We all know the feeling. You've been sitting in the library for a few hours and your brain has turned to mush. Here's a few ideas to help you take a quick break and then power through to get things done:

1. Take a walk. Right now we're having some crazy warm weather, so just go outside and take a few breaths. Get that oxygen flowing back to your brain. Hopefully you'll feel a little re-energized!

2. Play chrome snake. Open a new tab, click web store and search "chrome snake." Choose the first option that appears under extensions and the click "add to chrome." Warning: it's addictive! But if you set yourself a time limit then you should be just fine. I find this really helps my brain take a quick break and then I'm able to refocus. 

3. Grab a coffee. Have you seen the screens around the school yet? If you're looking for a fun study break, come to Witty's office at one of the new coffee drop in times and share in some much needed caffeine and conversation with your CPAs!

And then of course get back to work and get things done!


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