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New Year Resolutions Fading?

Jan 26, 2017

Hey commuters,

Rounding out the first month of winter semester, (or what I refer to as the 4 months of deadlines and exams separating me from summer), it's easy for us to become overwhelmed by school and forget the goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year.  New Year resolutions are easily broken but I do believe there are ways to stick with them.

Check out my 3 top suggestions below.

  • Healthy Eating.   Let's be real here, kale, spinach and celery may be amazing veggies but who wants a plate of those?  Answer? Throw them into a blender with some fruit that you do like.   Smoothies are a fantastic way to have a healthy snack and get all the nutrients from those super foods.   Plus they are quick and easy to make and have on the way to and from class!
  •  Be more active.  Getting up and moving is a good way to alleviate some of the day to day stresses of school.  Try walking during your study breaks rather than checking various forms of social media.  Take a walk around campus,  inside or outside.  Have you seen how pretty the hoar frost is right now?   Or schedule a specific time to use a fitness centre that works for you and be realistic.  Perhaps taking the stairs a few times a day will be more practical for you.
  •  Be intentional about relationships. The busyness of life can easily take over and we lose sight of  the amazing people surrounding us.  These are the very people who help us keep going.  Make time for your friends and family so your relationships remain strong.   We schedule (hopefully!), homework time so why not plan out the time you will spend with those people who are important to you?  This will help you get a well rounded week.

There you go, a few examples to help you beat the "I-failed-all-my-new-year-resolutions-blues!"  Don't be discouraged and be kind to yourself :) 


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