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Spreading Yourself Thin

Nov 18, 2015

We have all done it. We want to be so involved with everything that we spread ourselves too thin. A double booking here, a double booking there and then what do you know?  You stay up late three nights in a row with endless cups of coffee, maybe even shedding the odd tear and still, your assignment is late.  You are stressed and you know something is wrong when people start asking you when you showered last!  

It's a vicious cycle.  How do you get out of it?  More importantly, how do you prevent getting to that stage?

From someone who has found it hard to say no in the past and has spread herself too thin, here are some of my tips:

Prioritize.  You can ask yourself, "Why am I doing this? Does this activity (whatever that may be) help or hinder the things I have going on that are important to me? 

Have a daily/weekly plan.  Set times in your day and week for studying, for taking a break as well as your extra activities.  The final few weeks of the term are coming up and that means finals.  You know you will need to study more. If you are involved in extra curricular activities tell people that you have exams so they can extend a little grace towards you.

Hold yourself accountable to your plan.  Whether it's friends, mentors or family, all can be helpful in holding you to the schedules you create.

Learn to say no.  f you know you have a big project or final coming up, don't volunteer for extra work. Your mental health will suffer if you take too much on.  Better to say no than to let people down later.

 So, take care of yourself this exam season and don't spread yourself too thin!

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