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Study Tips From Busy Commuters

Sep 18, 2015

As a busy commuter, I know how difficult it can be to make time for studying, as well as keeping my sanity. Knowing I am not the only one who has commitments outside of Kings, I asked some other busy commuters how they make time for studying, and what they would tell other commuters to help keep themselves focused. 


1. Netflix is not the answer.

In the words of Shakespeare (sort of), "To watch Netflix, or not to watch Netflix, that is the question".  Well here is the answer.  Study. Netflix is a potential time waster.  Netflix will always be whispering to you that that you are smart enough, and that all of the effort you are putting into studying is not worth it. Silence that voice by rewarding yourself with Netflix. Tell yourself, "If I finish this chapter of Psych, the five chapters of Bio, and the twelve chapters of History, I can watch my favorite Netflix show."  You can also study somewhere where Netflix is not available such as a cafe or even the library!

 2. Read on the bus.

If you have a two hour bus ride, or even an hour bus ride, you can get so much reading done. If you don't take the bus, another great way to, "read" is to buy an audiobook of your textbook, or whatever book you may need to read. Play it while you drive. Some people even listen to books while they are at the gym. 

 3. Treat school like a job.

There is a commuter who arrives at Kings at 7:30am and does not leave until 5:30pm. Treating schoolwork like a job is very important. Would you only do your job half the amount of time?  No, you would not because you do not want to get the sack plus, presumably, you take your job seriously and want to feel good about your abilities as an employee.  From a job perspective, you usually get two 15 minute breaks and a minimum of 30 minutes for lunch. Try scheduling your time at school like that for one week and see how well you study and how effective you become!

Don't forget to factor in your extra activities outside of King's and how you will manage your homework whilst still enjoying life!  There are many other study tips but perhaps I will save those for another post. 

I would love to hear what your top study tips are so feel free to comment below!



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